5 Medical Tests Every Man Should Get Done Till 30

June is the official Men’s Health Awareness Month and a silent alarm to take the lead in maintaining men’s overall wellness. Though we never get health concerned until approaching late 30’s but, to bring in to your notice, there is a dire need to get basic health tests done till you reach 30.

Regular health screening is beneficial in fetching the diseases or illness before it shows symptoms. Further helping you to take immediate actions for prevention. Be regular and keep up with your health, with the following essential health tests.

Complete Blood Count

CBC is a basic test to detect anemia. An anemia patient may feel tired and less energetic, in case of men having low hemoglobin, a proper diagnosis is needed to treat the condition. Make sure your medical practitioner prescribes for hepatitis C antibodies in your blood. The virus can slowly cause liver cancer, liver failure. Keep complete care as the virus doesn’t show up the symptoms until it’s completely infected inside.

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Blood Sugar

Ever experiences sudden weight loss and thirstier than usual? They may be the symptoms of diabetes, where the pancreas is unable to produce needed insulin or the body has become resistant to it. A blood sugar test is necessary at least once half yearly to stay aware of the levels are increasing. Diabetes can be a major issue if not treated at early stage. You may even be drug resistant which can make the disease untreatable.

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The thyroid isn’t just a female disease, it’s much essential for men too! thyroid test will indicate the overall functioning of the thyroid gland if diagnosed with a hyperthyroid, it is essential to begin medications as soon as possible.

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for bone health. It’s mandated post 40 as the bone density generally reduces as we age. Most Indians run low on Vitamin D levels due to a sedentary lifestyle. It is essential for maintaining calcium absorption, further keeping the body protected from illness.

Lipid Profile

Lipid Profile is basically a way to keep a track on your heart health. It guides in controlling the fat levels and keeping the heart healthy. The tests detect the cholesterol level in the blood, cholesterol is basically a fatty substance which can clog your arteries if it is low-density lipoprotein or simply bad cholesterol. Considering the rising levels of heart attacks at a young age, this test holds a major importance even if you’re just in your 20’s. Go for a treatment immediately after the detection.

Prioritize your health and stay healthy with regular tests.

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