Amazing Benefits of Mangoes in Summers

Mangoes are our eternal summer love! Even the fragrance drives us crazy, tempting the taste buds and the juicy pulp to crush on! Mango is the certified King of Fruits” with a delightfully refreshing taste that helps us cool down in the scorching summer heat.

Apart from being our fruit love, lesser people are aware that they’re healthy at the same time! yes, it’s an absolute bliss even after the higher sugar content. Except for the diabetic patients, it’s a recommended fruit to consume daily!

Here are some of the unknown health benefits of mangoes :

1. Boost immunity

Mangoes contain Vitamin C and Vitamin A, which keeps the body’s immune system healthy and strong. While Vitamin C is a powerful element in reducing chances of cold and flu, Vitamin A provides protection against the radicals harming our internal system.

2. Eye health

Just a single serving of mangoes supplies 25% of the essential daily requirement of Vitamin A, promoting good eyesight and preventing further from night blindness and dry eyes.

3. Reduces cholesterol

Mango contains fiber, pectin, and vitamin c, which is useful in reducing the cholesterol levels, especially low-density lipoprotein. You can have mango either raw or in the form of mango shake or even the desert puddings.

4. Improved digestion

Though we have always heard about papaya being a superfood for improved metabolism, mangoes are nothing less! The fiber in mangoes helps to accelerate digestion and eliminate waste from the body.

5. Heat Protection

It’s summers and you may be a victim of heat stroke if out in the daytime, having mango juice with a tint of sweetener and water along can be the best remedy for cooling down the body. As being hydrated can be the first rule for beating the heat, mangoes are amazing in keeping up the water levels in the body and staying cool all day.

What’s so nutritious in mangoes?

Mangoes make an excellent choice as a snack, it’s healthy to eat a mango rather than opting for a piece of muffin or your favorite cookies. The fruit contains 3 power ingredients for a fresh start :

    • Dietary Fibers : Mangoes unlikely to its nature, play an imperative role in weight loss! There is 1.6 gm of dietary fibers per 100 gm of serving. Consuming the delicious fruit will keep your hunger worries at the bay. But, always consider less is more!
    • Vitamins : Mangoes come packed with Vitamin A, C, and K. which are beneficial for bone health, maintaining eye health. They contain 36.4 mg of vitamin C, 4.2 mg of Vitamin K and 1082 IU per 100 gm serving. It is also the highest source of Vitamin C, essential for the immune system.
    • Water Level : It is known to keep you hydrated all day. It contains 83.46 gm of water per 100 gm serving. Which helps us in keeping fuller and keeping off from munching junk.

Learn the new summer rhyme, one mango a day keeps the heat away!

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