5 Biggest Beauty Myths Every Woman Must Know!

A woman always desires to look beautiful, whatever may be the situation she needs to stay at her best! Due to the same urge, she comes across plenty of myths and start believing them gradually!

5 Biggest Beauty Myths Every Woman Must Know - Heycare
Let’s clear up the mess and make you more aware about the reality, below is the list of 5 biggest beauty myths which every woman must stop believing!

1. Shaving your body hair will make them grow thicker

While you think every shave makes your hair grow back thicker, the scenario is opposite. Shaving can make your next hair growth bit shorter than the earlier one, this makes you feel they are thicker.

2. You do not need to use heat protection spray if using heating tools once in a while

Using heating tools means your hair strands are getting damaged and that has no connection with the frequency of using them. So, if you use it once or many times, the need of heat protection spray will be there.

3. Wearing makeup everyday is bad for your skin

This myth would ruin the regular office look girls use to wear. The skin damage is associated with the damage of inner skin tissues, while the foundation only covers the upper most layer and do not get absorbed. So, wearing makeup is not at all harmful if the product suits your skin! Important is to remove the makeup at night.

4. Hair products can remove split ends

No! whatever be the shampoo, it cannot completely stop the split ends, the serums and oils and lessen the split ends growth but can never remove them. The permanent solution is a hair cut whenever split ends grow.

5. If your sunscreen’s SPF is higher than you can stay in the sun for longer

No! SPF has nothing in relation with the hours you can stay in sunlight! Sunlight emits UVA and UVB rays which can make a shield around your skin but not more than 2 hours. Ideally one needs to apply a teaspoon of it every 2 hours.

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