Benefits of Including Ayurveda in the Diet

When it comes to an ideal life balance, Ayurveda can be a perfect switch! With a traditional Mantra of “Health First”, Ayurveda is one of the ancient technique to balance the three Doshas of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Opting an Ayurvedic diet can improve immunity, especially of the ones suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes, cancer and certain heart conditions. It helps to restore the body’s health by providing it essential strengthening elements.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Food in Regular Diet

Including Ayurveda in regular diet can be beneficial in various ways :-

1. Curing ailments

Ayurveda believes the beginning of curing all the diseases and problems is making changes in the diet. Having a healthy diet can be the first step to cure the ailments.

2. Healthy weight

Switching to the Ayurvedic diet can be a healthy option to shed the extra kilos but Healthily! Unlike other diet plans, you need not starve yourself, instead just eat healthily.

3. Increased energy

The digestive system is the power source of energy in the body. Right after consuming food, it reaches the stomach for the breakdown and further digestion, which in turn provides energy to the entire body.

4. Increases the life span

Every disease is born through the stomach! You need to keep it healthy to get a stable body and mind. A healthy eating benefits in the overall health further benefiting in an improved lifespan.

What food to include in the Diet?

  • Lemons : Lemons are purifying and nourishing helping in stimulating digestion. They reduce toxins and flush out the body waste.
  • Clarified butter : Also known as Ghee, it is among the best rejuvenating food items. It aids digestion and calms the nerves. Having a high rate of absorption, it is an excellent medium for transporting the nutrients of the consumed food to the tissues in the body.
  • Dates : Dates are classified as an excellent source of energy. It helps in building tissues and keep you going all day long.
  • Seasonal fruits : The juicy seasonal fruits are highly nutritive and purifying. Consuming them ripe are best for providing the maximum healing value.
  • Cow’s milk : It is considered as a vitalizer by Ayurveda and recommended for those emaciated after injury. Bring milk to full boil before consuming in order to eliminate the excess mucus present in it.

Switch to Ayurveda and stay healthy!

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