Health Benefits of Water Storing in Copper Over Plastic

Water is an essential element for keeping our existence in the world. It is needed to be alive! Though we are surrounded by water as 3/4th of the area on earth is just water but, the drinkable one seems a little less in quantity.

As drinkable water is quite less we need to preserve the valuable resource. To catch up with the maximum benefits we need to drink the healthiest form of water. The basic debate arises on the question whether we should store water in a plastic container or a copper one. Here we bring the reasons to prefer a copper vessel more than a plastic one.

Why not plastic?

Though Plastic Bottles are the best option when it comes to keeping all that handy but, it contains some dangerous chemicals to distort your health.

  • BPA – The chemical named Bisphenol A is used in the plastic utensils to keep them clean and make them able to see through. This can be dangerous in other sense as it can cause severe illness with long-term effects such as Neurological Disorders, various types of Cancers, Birth defects in babies, Premature Labour and girls reaching puberty early.
  • Phthalates – It is also used in the production of a plastic bottle, it may also lead to some disrupted Endocrine Functions which can further lead to some severe health issues like lowering down the sperm count and triggering to gender development issues.

The little triangle seen on the bottle is a sign of single time usage. It can be used for a single time after one use. Continuous usage of the same may lead to some severe health problems. On crushing the bottle the chemicals releases and the harmful effects gets spread, storing clean water in the same can prove dangerous!

Why copper over plastic?

Copper, on the other hand, has some great health benefits along with the authentic after taste. Water stored in a copper vessel will not only benefit your health but also provide a refreshing sweetness dissolved. Mentioned below the list of health benefits of water storing in copper over plastic :-

  • Helps Digestive system to perform better – In case you are suffering from regular constipation and Gas in your stomach, copper is the perfect remedy for the same. It helps in proper digestion and kills the harmful bacteria. Having a glass full of copper stored water in the morning, an empty stomach can benefit in improving the digestion power.
  • Fights Hypertension and Cardiovascular diseases – It regulates Blood pressure, Heart rate, and Lower one’s cholesterol. Heart diseases stay at bay when you drink copper infused water.
  • Regulates the working of Thyroid Gland – Maximum people who suffer from Thyroid have a deficiency of Copper. It’s an essential mineral which helps the thyroid gland function better
  • Beats Anemia and Protect Skin – Copper is needed for a smooth functioning of the body. From cell formation to iron absorption, Copper is needed in all cases. It fights Anemia by its anti-bacterial properties and presence of essential mineral. It keeps the skin healthy and glowing too! We need to meet out daily copper needs to keep up with a healthy self.

Water is always essential, stay hydrated and free from the illness by drinking healthy water!

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