5 Foods for a Better Dental Health

Oral hygiene is one of the important factor in maintaining complete wellbeing. The food we eat may be the ultimate satisfaction for the tongue but it is not always tooth friendly. The sticky and sugary substances often help the bacteria in the mouth to produce acids, leading to tooth decay.

This is the reason why it is recommended to use floss twenty minutes after the meal each time. It is tough to keep complete tooth care round the clock, make it a habit to consume tooth friendly items as much you can :-

1. Green veggies

Green leafy vegetables are among the healthy recommendations you can keep in your next meal menu. Some good examples of green leafy vegetables include spinach and kale, they are not just power ingredients for the gut but also an active ingredient in promoting good oral health.

2. Carrots

Carrots are fiber rich which makes them an ideal munching snack. Having a handful of carrots after your meal increases in saliva production in the mouth. It reduces the risk of cavities, being a great source of Vitamin A, they can keep your salads interesting.

3. Apples

While we always strive to cut down the intake of sweet foods, apples, even after being sweet are high in fiber and water content. They are always a benefit to the gut and the teeth as they rinse away food and bacteria particles.

4. Celery

Known for its bland taste, do not be fooled by the bad reputation it gets. Celeries are rich in vitamins A and C and acts a bit like a toothbrush when you chew it. It helps scrapes bacteria and minute particles away from your teeth and boosts the health of your gums.

5. Cranberries

Cranberries are known to contain polyphenols and this helps keep plaque from sticking to your teeth, lowering your risk of cavities in the process. Keep a handful of cranberries in your pocket for munching.

Choose the best food for your teeth and stay healthy!

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