Best Ways to Protect Yourself Against COVID 19

COVID 19 is a global pandemic and all we could do in these tough times is help oneself in staying protected. With the government guidelines on staying home getting strict, we’re required to keep our minds focused on taking various measures and staying protected.

Well, there’s more to just having a mask on the face and sanitizers handy! The World Health Organization released imperative guidelines stating what we can do to keep ourselves safe throughout the situation. Here are the most imperative ones-

  • Hand Sanity

Wash your hands frequently, especially when you’ve visited public places, met with someone you don’t stay in a house with, or having any symptoms related to COVID. For better protection, wash your hands properly even on the upper surface to ensure complete germ removal. In case you do not have a soap nearby, use an alcohol-based sanitizer to keep up the sanitization.

  • Maintaining Distance

Try maintaining at least 1 meter (3 feet) distance between yourself and the other people near you. The reason being when someone coughs, sneezes, or speaks they throw out small liquid droplets either from their nose or from the mouth which may contain COVID virus. If you’re closer than 1-meter distance, you could breathe the droplets in and catch the infection, which is highly communicable to your family and worse affected on kids and older age people.

  • Avoid Stepping Out

Always avoid going to crowded places. Where people come together in crowds, you are likely to come in close contact with someone having COVID-19, and of course, if the crowd is too much you might not be able to maintain a distance of 1 meter. Try stepping out only when necessary and prefer going to the places where you don’t find many people around.

  • Self-Isolation for Safety

As the situation is new for everyone on the globe and we weren’t ready for these tough times! You might not have the best of facilities around you but, choosing self-isolation is a great move. Self-isolate yourself in case you feel symptomatic and it’s too early to get yourself checked. Firstly, only fever is not a symptom until you have a few other coming in combination. Make sure you’re having a diet to boost your immunity and checking with a doctor in case anything does seriously. You can also use the telemedicine option to take medical help.

  • Stay Informed

Knowing the latest and authentic information is more imperative than you think! Keep up with the latest information from your trusted sources such as WHO or the trusted health authorities available locally. Take advice from a medical practitioner in case you’re doubtful about anything.


COVID-19 can be a real threat of not treated on time or not taken complete precautionary measures. Always keep complete care and fight back the Virus.

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