Bread- Food to Trigger Cancer?

Bread-Food to Trigger Cancer?

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The most loved breakfast worldwide may land you in trouble! Yes, we are talking about Bread! The food item made from the mixture of flour & water and considered as the perfect breakfast is detected with cancer causing elements which may lead to serious health issues.

According to the latest study conducted by CSE (Centre for Science and Environment), bread sold in the major parts of Delhi has been found with residues of Potassium Bromate and Iodate in the commonly consumed varieties.

Both Chemicals usage are banned in most of the countries, usage of Potassium Bromate is classified as category 2B carcinogen and the chemical Iodate which contributes in Thyroid related diseases is also not considered as usable. After the conducted study, strict and immediate action is said to be initiated.

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Nothing in the world carries more importance than health! For a good health, you need a healthy diet. Include healthy food items in your diet which can provide adequate amount of vitamins needed for the body. Stay healthy, stay happy!

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