5 Breakfast Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. With the various food items included in the list as per the relevance, there can be a lot to explore for having in breakfast.

5 Breakfast Myths you need to stop believing

While you are only aware of the benefits of having breakfast. Let’s check out if there’s any truth behind the long carried statements :-

1. Having breakfast helps in losing weight

Having a meal in the morning feeds your hunger till the time you go for the next meal, there isn’t any role of breakfast cutting out the calories. Though it can help you keep up the energy levels!

2. Morning meal makes you smarter

There are no studies found to show that breakfast, not considering what is included in it makes you smarter! While talking about the academics, the children who are served breakfast in the morning are reported to be more energetic because of the calorie intake which energizes them and keep them going.

3. Breakfast helps control hunger

The fact is quite opposite to the statement. The breakfast skippers tend to eat more calories in the later half due to the prolonged fasting, while the people having breakfast feel full and tend to eat less.

4. Skipping the morning meal can lead to loss of muscle mass

It’s true that fasting causes loss of muscle. But research shows that it takes more than 16 hours without food for the body to start breaking down muscle for energy. Unless you skip dinner, don’t worry about the loss of muscle if you don’t eat breakfast.

5. Grabbing a bite before work will help you eat less later

Having a meal in the morning does not guarantee lesser calories intake throughout the day but eating in the morning does release chemicals to the brain and can also keep the glucose levels balanced for the entire day.

Break the myths and rely on facts!

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