Common Myths about Child Vaccination

Immunization On Time, Every time!

Vaccinations are the most effective means to let your child stay protected from various diseases by boosting the body’s natural immune response to the diseases. There are a lot of myths surrounding your child’s vaccination shot.

Common Myths about Child Vaccination

Parents going for child vaccinations are often confused and doubtful, the most important thing to be kept in consideration is “Vaccinations are absolutely safe”. Other common myths are :-

1. Vaccination causes Autism

Vaccinations are meant for preventing a disease and not for causing them. Any vaccination has minor side effects like fever or sore arm but that never reach to a severe extent like autism. In fact getting vaccinations on time can help your child stay healthy by boosting the immune system and developing immunity against the diseases.

2. Avoid vaccination for premature babies

Premature babies should get care much more than the normal babies, the reason being, they are more sensitive. How can we avoid vaccinations for them? Consult your medical practitioner for getting the special care guide and vaccinations for them.

3. Never take the baby swimming when going for vaccination

There is no proven logic behind the swimming regime of a baby. The baby can swim any time before and after the vaccination.

4. Try homeopathy as vaccination substitute?

This can be life threatening for the baby! Never risk the babies life trying homeopathy as a substitute for the vaccinations. There is no proof of getting a child treated with homeopathy.

5. Vaccinations can overload baby’s immune system

In fact, only a tiny fraction of your baby’s immune system is used by childhood vaccines, and they come into contact with many more bugs in their daily life.

Never miss a child’s vaccination considering the myths! Gift a beautiful future to your baby by letting him stay healthy.

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