5 Daily Habits Affecting Health

Every one of us unknowingly is obsessed with dirty habits on regular basis. How many of us take our mobile phone to the washroom? Though we get an amazing time pass option but, are we aware of the harms? Though this isn’t it! There are many more unhygienic habits which can be tough on health!

Starting with the basic here are 5 daily habits which can prove unhealthy for us :-

1. Public hand dryers

Washing hands can be the top priority in maintaining a hygiene. How often you use hand dryers in the public washrooms? You probably feel hand dryers can get you going with dry hands. Well, as per a Facebook user, who experimented by placing a plate in an enclosed hand dryer in a public bathroom for mere 3 minutes. She found several strains of possible pathogenic fungi and bacteria that people can get swirling around their hands. Though there aren’t strong proofs of the conducted experiment.

2. Sink cleaning

Everyone cleans the dishes but, how many of them clean the sink? Most people don’t find it necessary! Unwashed sink often let the germs fester in your sink, being the major cause of your family getting sick as they spread onto any of the items that you put in there. Use mild soap and warm water to clean the sink regularly or at least alternate day.

3. Taking phone to the toilet

Yes, this may keep your time passing by but, it isn’t really a healthy habit. It is said that when you flush, water droplets and urine spray about six feet in every direction and come in contact with your bodies and smartphone. Though you can clean your body with water and soap but, how can your phone not be the bacteria victim? You keep your phone in hands, pockets and bags, wonder, how much bacteria come in contact.

4. Bar soap or liquid?

Do you choose a bar soap over liquid handwash? Beware! A bar soap is used multiple times in a day and everyone using it leaves the bacteria on the same. You can’t spare yourself from the germs spreading to you. Use a liquid handwash instead to avoid the germs spreading.

5. Lift buttons

Right from touching the handles of public transports to the lift buttons, you are always in danger!  That’s not the only office hazard to watch out for! The ground floor button is the most commonly pressed thing in the lift, as everyone uses it to exit their building. The science of Us reports that parainfluenza, the virus that is to blame for cold-like symptoms, likes to hang out on this button the most. Get your antibacterial gel ready!

Stay known and avoid the unhygienic daily activities.

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