Dark Chocolates: A Better Way to Stay Healthy and Wise

We often fall prey to our taste buds and lose our battle to stay in shape. Sugar coated candies, chocolates, ice cream filled smoothies and what not.

Dark Chocolates: A Better Way to Stay Healthy and Wise - Heycare

Sometimes it feels like all the scrumptious things in this universe stop us from staying healthy and active. But, we still have a miraculous thing left that is both irresistible and healthy. Yes, it is the very fine and doozy variety of dark chocolates. Dark chocolates are now proven to have a huge number of health benefits and can be consumed as easily as anything.

Following are a few interesting health benefits of dark chocolates that will add a bitter-sweet flavor to your everyday health regimen.

1. Dark chocolate is good for our hearts

The best of the dark chocolates are ones which contain over 70% of cocoa content and minimum or no sugar. It contains a high amount of antioxidants and is also rich in certain types of flavonoids. Consuming a moderate amount of dark chocolates every thrice or twice a week increases the blood flow thus making the heart work better and in a more efficient way.

2. It enhances brain functioning

The increase in blood flow caused by consumption of dark chocolates helps regulate more oxidized blood to the brain and stimulating the brain cells thus making them work more efficiently and quickly.

3. Smile as it boosts your mood

It helps the brain to produce more of Phenethylamine (PEA) which is known to generate the hormones that make you feel in love! Apart from the romantic side, dark chocolates also reduce the formation of cortisol that is the stress causing hormone released by our brains. It also stimulates the formation of serotonin and helps us feel good about ourselves and the life.

4. Be Sun ready

Forget the pulpy tomatoes, and make the dark chocolate your new best friend for the summer. The flavonoids present in the dark chocolates with over 70% of the cocoa content boost the blood flow in our body allowing the protective cells to fight against harmful UV rays and keeping our bodies hydrated and cool from inside.

5. It helps control the sugar levels in our blood

Again, the high flavonoid levels present in the good quality dark chocolates helps regulate the natural body insulin thus keeping a check on the rising sugar levels in our blood. It helps us prevent diabetes to some extent as well.

Though there are numerous health benefits of consuming the dark chocolates, it may also prove unhealthy if consumed in excessive quantity than prescribed. Different variety of dark chocolates may contain different amount of saturated and unsaturated fats which is why you need to be careful before munching on to your favorite ones.

Remember, the excess of everything is bad and when it comes to dark chocolate, it may add more weight to your body instead of reducing it. So be watchful and focus on that thin line between consuming and hogging the dark chocolates.

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