Diabetes cure comes a step closer

Today, 400 million people have diabetes worldwide! The insulin shots are the daily meals and sweets are the enemies for a diabetes patient.

Diabetes cure comes a step closer - HeyCare

Researchers at the University of Bergen are successful in developing a possible cure for diabetes. The development of insulin producing cells from skin using stem cells is a bliss for a person having diabetes.

The researchers have transformed skin puncture cells from diabetes patients into insulin producing cells, with an aim to transplant these cells under the skin of the patient affected with diabetes. The insulin secreting cells if inserted in the human body is capable of automatically secreting insulin in response to blood sugar level.

Insulin cells can be a major development in replacing the insulin shots and blood sugar measurements. This can be done through implanting a capsule with tailor made cells in the diabetes patient. The research is in a progressive mode, which on its success can be helpful in restoring the insulin secretion within the human body in a diabetes patient.

Source : http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/diabetes-cure-comes-a-step-closer/1/1022976.html

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