Fitness : 7 Diet Myths Debunked

Fitness is amongst the major priority for the wellbeing of a person! While the lifestyle changes have driven us far away from being healthy, we need to gear up in terms of getting good nutrition keep ourselves healthy enough!

7 Diet Myths Debunked - Heycare

There seems a lot of myths in terms of following a diet regime or in the common terms Dieting! While the misconception continues itself saying we need to eat less instead, we actually need to just eat right. Skipping meals or eating less than your diet is no solution to lose the extra kilos.

We should be healthy and full instead of starved and malnutrition! Here are the biggest diet myths coming in the way of being in shape :

1. Night eaters tend to put on a lot of weight

Put this myth at bay, as there is no proof for the same! Night eating is not advisable due to lack of physical activities which allows fat to sit in the stomach and convert into calories. No diet can be decided in terms of timings, all you need to do is, cut down the sugary or oily snacks at the bed time.

2. It’s expensive to eat healthy food

With a proper plan, the healthy food items can save your pocket too! Regardless of the need to get surprized, raw veggies and low spice along with lots of fruit could actually cost less than a medium sized pizza!

3. You need extra protein when including workout

Until and unless you are running short of protein content in your diet, you do not need any extra dose of protein shots! The regular amount is good enough to deal with your workout.

4. You need fat in your diet to keep you full and satisfied

Fatty food has just one thing to give you— FAT! It has been years when it was assumed that fatty foods slow digestion and keep you feeling full for longer but, the fact is fatty food has double calories as compared to proteins and carbs which are no less than a disaster for stomach.

5. Coffee can help you lose weight

Coffee makes you feel fuller and resist yourself from eating too much which in turn helps in losing weight! But, it has no direct connection in cutting the calories content.

6. Cut calories drastically to lose weight

Yes, of course cutting nearly 1,500 calories a day can certainly help to reduce your weight but it should be consistent. Thinking practically which is not at all possible. Our digestive system needs something to digest after every few hours and starving yourself can increase the stomach issues instead of treating any of them.

7. Diet food items helps in dieting

Low fat or low cab food items not always mean low calories! Perhaps, 50% of the food categorized as low fat food do the same work as the normal ones. Nor the diet sodas have anything to do with cutting on calories.

Stay away from myths and keep health your first priority.

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