Disturbed Sleeping Habits: A Danger For Future

Almost 60% of the Indian population is inclined towards a night owl image! People love to wake up at night and remain woke up till early morning, there may be variants in the reasons depending upon the circumstances but, the dark side of the issue reveals to be quite treacherous!

Disturbed Sleeping Habits, A Danger For Future - HeyCare
Waking up all night may be fun, it may also be the trendiest thing to do but, it can prove vital for our health. For those who are facing sleep disorders here is a guide to check the reason and work to sort it out.

While we think less sleep is not harming in any case, think again!

How much hours one should sleep?

Yes, it does depend upon the age of the person, the sleep requirement for our body decreases as we grow up but the minimum 6 hours a day sleep is mandatory in any case.

  • New Born :  14-17 hours a day
  • Infant : 12-15 hours a day
  • Toddler : 11-14 hours a day
  • Pre-School : 10-13 hours a day
  • School age : 9-11 hours a day
  • Teen : 8-10 hours a day
  • Young Adult : 7-10 hours a day
  • Adult : 7-9 hours a day
  • Older Adults : 7-8 hours a day

A good night sleep can wake you fresh and active in the morning, you may not realize the difference initially but adequate sleep can actually help you in staying fit and healthy throughout the life, whereas lack of sleep can effect on your mood and health too.

Understanding about Sleep Disorders

The disorder may be Insomnia, Narcolepsy, Sleep Apnea or any other. They may cause drastic effects on your body, mind and energy levels. The disorders may prove dangerous if not treated on time. The most common disorder is Insomnia and Narcolepsy. Due to the lack of sleep, a person experiences restlessness and sleep attacks at day time. It can cause a direct effect on a person’s mood and the energy levels. The person becomes weak in tackling stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This effects the mind and its functioning which results in long term issues.

Effects of Sleep Disorders on the Daily Life

The constant disturbed sleep can create long term effects on your lifestyle and can cause major issues in getting a peaceful sleep which will damage your sleep cycle resulting in regular tiredness, laziness, constipation, restlessness and hamper the thinking process.

Take the best possible care for your sleep because a wonderful day begins with a peaceful sleep!

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