Early Signs of Cancer shouldn’t be Overlooked   

A survey reveals, every year over 7 million people die from cancer globally and over 12 million people are diagnosed with the same. Talking about India in specific, the nation will encounter over 8 lakh deaths and over 17 lakh new cancer cases annually by the year 2020.

Cancer has been considered as the non-communicable deadly disease, caused by uncontrollable cells development in the body which starts affecting the organs with absolutely no symptoms in most cases till the patient reaches the final stage.

How can cancer be detected?

While in most cases the disease shows no symptoms until it’s widespread all over, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t signs which indicate there is something abnormal going on in the body. The crux is to recognize the changes and take immediate action.

As cancer is the second most common cause of death after heart disease, the significant percentage of newly diagnosed cancers can be treated. Though the only way to diagnose cancer early is recognition and correct screening, depending on your age and gender.

What are the early signs of cancer?

Always keep yourself reminded that cancer can be deadly if you’re not focusing on the abnormal changes in the body, even if it is the slightest! However, not every symptom may indicate cancer, they may be some common infections but, a screening is advised.

There are different types of common cancers you should be aware of, read about the 5 deadliest types of cancers you should know.

Cancer Signs in women

Women bodies are constantly changing, some changes may be natural but, some may indicate health issues as dangerous as cancer.

a. Breast changes

Breast lumps, skin dimpling, nipple discharge or redness of the breast skin may indicate abnormalities which can be the initial causes of cancer.

b. Unexplained weight loss

Losing weight without trying indicates either too much stress or something serious, consult your doctor if you’re losing kilos without trying the same.

c. Bloating   

Though women are more prone to bloating, it’s fine to experience bloating for a week or two but, if it’s happening with weight loss or bleeding, consult with a doctor immediately.

d. Between periods bleeding

If you’re bleeding, even little spots apart from your period monthly cycle, it is a matter to worry! Make sure to get it checked with your medical practitioner.

e. Lymph nodes changes

If you’re experiencing any kind of swelling in the body without a justified reason in your sense, they may be the swelling of lymph nodes, which can be a sign of leukemia and lymphoma.

Health shouldn’t be ignored, always book diagnostic test online and schedule a full body health check twice a year.

Cancer Signs in Men

Men tend to overlook their health issues while managing their hectic schedules, read on to know the changes in a male body which shouldn’t be ignored :-

a. Breast lumps

Breast cancer in men isn’t a myth! Men need to check if they are experiencing lumps in the breast or the surrounding skin, early detection can save a life!

b. Testicular lumps

Testicular cancer not being as common as prostate, lung and colon cancer but, it’s still a major one. Check for the lumps in the testicles, inform the doctor if anything abnormal.

c. Regular back pain

Back pain is quite a common issue in today’s desk job schedule but, persistent pain for more than a week may be dangerous. It may be serious bone and spine issues which need to be looked before it turns worse.

d. Urinary issues

Issues while urinating including urinary leaks, incontinence, inability to urinate even after a strong urge and straining during urination may indicate signs of prostate cancer.

e. Rectal bleeding

Bleeding while passing motions or spotting on a regular basis can be a sign of rectal cancer. Though the symptoms could also be common infections but. It’s always better to talk to the doctor.

Cancer medications are often too serious to miss! Stock your essentials and order medicines online, to never miss a dosage.

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