5 Effective Ways to Relive Gas in Natural Way

Feeling heavy all day long, irritation in the stomach or sensation of bloating and nausea, hundreds of issues but, a single culprit behind- Gas! As a result of the food Intake we do regularly, some gets digested and some produces gas in the stomach and intestine.

5 Effective Ways to Relive Gas in Natural Way - Heycare

Gas is basically an issue which arise due to indigestion. Gas formation in the body is now a regular issue as every second person is following an unhealthy diet regime along with the excess and regular intake of junk. The ready to eat food items and aerated drinks including various beverages trigger the gastric issue and acid formation in the stomach and intestine.

What are the causes of Gas?

There can be many causes for the gas formation, varying from person to person the causes and symptoms may differ.

  • Healthy and high fiber products are generally difficult to digest and thus causes Gas in the stomach.
  • If a person is intolerant towards a certain food group, it can trigger the gas.
  • Constipation on regular basis can lead to Gas.
  • Eating the food quickly without chewing it properly can trigger Gas.
  • Gulping excess of air while eating can be the cause of excess Gas formation in the stomach.

What are the symptoms of gas formation?

From normal to severe, the symptoms may vary according to the situation.

  • Frequent release of gas
  • Crushing pain felt in the chest
  • Tightness in abdomen
  • Loss of appetite
  • Bloating
  • Nausea

What are the effective ways to relive gas in natural ways?

  • Increase fluid intake – Gas production is the sign of poor digestion in the body, increasing the fluid intake can help in pushing the undigested food from the colon towards the anus, fluids helps in smooth functioning of the digestion process
  • Lie down – When the feelings of discomfort bang your stomach and slowly travels in the other parts of the body, lie down on the bed keeping your head elevated, other positions include lying down facing the bed, this position can be helpful in relieving the gas from the body.
  • Add Mustard to the meals – Add mustard in the food while cooking, mustard is an ingredient which release gas and prevents from generating.
  • Avoid spicy – Avoid spicy food items on regular basis, limiting the same to once in a while as spicy food triggers the indigestion issues in the body.
  • Increase physical exercises – Increase physical exercises on regular basis as it can benefit in the overall health and maintain your body fit and healthy.

Stay known about your lifestyle habits, eliminate unhealthy eating and stay healthy!

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