5 Exercises that can Harm Your Body

Exercising daily is the best possible way to stay fit, active and emotionally healthy. It helps in losing the extra pounds, provide some amazing health benefits and can be the appropriate way to maintain youthfulness. A 30-minute daily schedule can keep you fit and active throughout the day!

Though exercising has multiple benefits, but, people who push their bodies too hard may undo the benefits of exercise. Every posture has its own way and should be done as per the instructions by the trainer.

Listed below are the common gym exercises which may harm your body :-

1. Squats

Squats are best for lower body but, the way you do them matters! They can be dangerous if not done too deeply, bent forwards or extended the knees over the toes. You’re risking your lower back and knees with extra stretching and pushing your body to be unrealistically flexible.

2. Lunges

Lunges are superb for getting your legs in shape but it can increase your risk of knee, hip, and lower back injury. If your knee extends over the toe, you bend forward and do it little quickly, you’re risking yourself for serious pain! Learn the exact posture before work out!

3. Crunches

The best one to lose some belly fat, crunches are effective if done in the correct way! Incorrect postures, sudden uplifts can cause strain in the stomach leading to injuries. Your hands behind your head can strain your neck if you pull to hard.

4. Behind neck shoulder pass

Any movement that requires you to raise your barbell overhead can lead to injuries. It is hard to maintain a proper form. However, with this movement, you need both flexibility and strength. Execute it perfectly to stay injury free.

5. Jump Squat

Unless you’re a serious heavyweight in the gym, this is a workout that will lead to injuries. Too many joints are involved, too much power is required, and there is too great a risk of injury if the barbell shifts even slightly.

Exercises are excellent for metabolism and leading a healthy life but, never try them, without an expert advice or a professional gym trainer. If you do not have a trainer, look for some safe picks!

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