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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Heycare?

Heycare is a new revolution in e-health services which offers a complete solution for all health related activities. It is more than just another app to set pill reminders, it's your virtual care taker. Upload prescription; order medicines from the local chemist; monitor your child's upcoming immunity shots, - you can do it all with the HeyCare app. We assure to provide the never been available services marking your health as the first priority. To make it more convenient, Heycare can be used as a mobile application and on web too.

Is Heycare a Pharmacy or a mediator between the Doctor and the Patient?

No, we are not a pharmacy or a mediator but we connect you to your nearest pharmacy in your area or the best doctors who can treat you well, so happy recovering.

How will I get my medicines?

Once you upload your prescription and order medicines we pass the prescription to the nearest pharmacy of your area but some laws are being implemented on the same, as per the government regulation the medicines can only be sold by a pharmacy having valid license, under the guidance of a pharmacist or on the basis of a certified doctor's prescription.

So once everything is verified by the local pharmacy, they will deliver you the medicines ASAP.

Are medicines delivered in case of an emergency?

No, we deliver medicines but cannot guarantee whether it can reach on the specified time or not, as it totally depends on the pharmacy to which the prescription is passed. We suggest you to visit your nearest hospital or call 108 for emergency medical service.

How can a prescription be treated as authentic?

The prescription should contain the following details for proving it an ideal one

  • Doctor's name
  • Patient's name and age
  • Doctor's registration number
  • Date of prescribing

Please note, in case the pharmacy finds the prescription fraud, it can anytime refuse to provide the order.

Why prescription is mandatory for ordering medicines?

As per the government rules and regulations, sale of certain drugs are not permitted without an authorized prescription and thus we do not allow any pharmacy collaborated with us to provide medicines without a valid prescription.

Can I purchase a substitute of the medicine provided in my prescription?

Yes, you can purchase the substitute but the salt in the medicine should be the same. Please ask your doctor to write the medicine salt along with the medicine name in the prescription or you can consult the pharmacy to advice you the same salt medicine.

How can I get reminded for my pills and baby's vaccination?

Remembering your pill has just become so simple with Heycare, you just need to set reminders according to your prescription and your child's vaccination due dates and forget everything, we will remind you to take your pills or get your child vaccinated on time.

How can I track my order?

It's quite simple, once you have placed your order and confirmed it you will get an estimated time for the delivery and you will be kept in the loop and will be provided with mails and messages regarding your order updates. You can also go to my order section in your Heycare app and track your order.

How many times the money can be transferred?

A user can send money to any other user (pre- installed with Care Wallet) upto 5 times a month, transfer limit being not more than 5k. which goes vice-versa for the user receiving the money.

Can I change my address after placing the order?

Yes, the user can change the address after placing the order and before the order is dispatched.

What is the standard delivery time?

The standard delivery time is 3-5 business days

What is the delivery time in terms of Express Delivery?

If a user opts Express Delivery, his product will get delivered within 48 hours.