First Aid Tips : Road Accident Emergency

India’s daily death toll due to road accidents is more than four times the annual death toll from terrorism. You might one day see an accident in front of you or nearby, instead of just looking out of the window, lend a hand to the victims.

First Aid Tips for Road Accident Emergency - Heycare
Everybody might not know about dealing the situation at the time of road accident. Yes, you can help even if you are not a qualified doctor! Here are some (first aid tips) steps which can help the accident victims :

  • Check for injuries – Reach out to the injured people, see if they are bleeding from any part of the body, try to stop the bleeding immediately with the help of a cloth of press the wound with your palm.
  • Whom to see first – Check the quietest person first. The person who is quite among all could be the one in the massive shock! The quiet wounds are the worst as they affect a person internally and may even develop a blood clot further damaging the nerves.
  • Call for help – Call the ambulance for help. The injuries could be deep and hurting enough, early medical attention is quite important.
  • Check Breathing – Check if the person is breathing and no obstruction is coming in his breathing passage. Use your fingers to clear the throat or blow air in his mouth if he stops responding.
  • Perform CPR – If a person is not breathing properly, you need to perform CPR which consists of mouth to mouth respiration and chest compression.
  • Keep the person warm – In the maximum cases the accident victims start feeling cold due to shock and injuries, cover the person with the help of a t shirt, a jacket or any cloth available at that time.
  • Do not feed the person – Do not try to feed a person just after the accident took place, it can lead to choking. Wait for any medical help to reach and let the doctor allow to give something to the patient.

It’s our duty to follow the traffic rules and never rash drive as safety is always in our hands.

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