Myths & Facts: 5 Food Believed to Increase Fat

Managing college, chasing friends, tracking the boyfriend and worrying about the extra kilos! Toughest is the life of a teenage girl. The age after High school comes in with a lot of complexity, may it be the weirdest pimple taking place on your face or the pressure of being fitted into 26 size jeans!

Uncovering Myths & Facts - 5 Food which are Believed to Increase Fat

Well, many of the adolescent girls avoid the delicious treats or starve themselves to become thin. Heaps of happening outings and n number of Sunday brunches are wiped out due to the myths which every Desperate-to-thin girl carries in her mind!

Let’s help the poor ladies a little and trim their avoiding food list. Here is the list of 5 food which are believed to increase fat :-

1. Cheese – Before you say fatty let us tell you the fact- NO it does not increase fat. Confused? Don’t be, because it’s the time to grab the cheese spread in your refrigerator. While the maximum people think that cheese can gift us a heavy belly but it would amaze the cheese avoiders that a regular small amount consumption of cheese can actually help you reduce weight! According to a study cheese can even contribute in weight loss if taken in appropriate quantity.

2. Banana – The fat looking fruit is always categorized as a big No if you want to loose some kilos. But it is not that harmful. believe it or not it actually helps you in maintaining a good diet cycle. If you have taken a single or two bananas at the time of breakfast lunch or dinner you need not worry about the full meal, it’s enough to make your belly feel fuller!

so if you are planning to skip one meal a day it would be better to take a banana and feel energized at the highest levels.

3. Honey – Yeah we know that honey is a form of sugar and sugar makes us fat but wait have you ever seen people taking honey with Luke warm water empty stomach? Yeah right? It’s a substitute of sugar! Granulated sugar contains only sucrose but honey has 1.5%of sucrose and rest it is fructose and glucose, sugar can surely increase the taste but can never build up the energy levels, coming on honey- it can make us healthier and slim even if we take a spoon with Luke warm water.

4. Jaggery – Jaggery is made up of sugarcane juice which can sound full of calories! But an interesting fact that may amaze you is- it can help you decrease weight! It has a great amount of vitamins and minerals which contain weight loosing properties. Have it once daily after your meal and it will help you in digesting food and loosing little kilos too!

5. Nuts – Being a little high in fats does not mean nuts are fatty and will make you too! In fact nuts can make you healthier as it contains healthy fats, fiber and proteins in accurate quantity. It’s the best snack if you want to lose weight.

As now you can eat up whatever you want just keep a little thing stored in your mind— do not consume the items in large quantity as excess of anything is bad!

Help yourself and stay free from myths! You can tell us about your experiences leaving a comment on the blog.

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