Foot Care Guide for Healthy Feet

We all have a checklist for taking care of the sensitive facial skin, moisturizing our palms and keeping the hairs glowing all day, but not every one of us cares for the feet. A day ended and our feet end up getting no nourishment at all, some may even forget to wash them before bed!

Constant negligence may make the feet prone to corns, pains, patches and many more issues. Sometimes the pain turns too unbearable adding on to our discomfort and making us search way outs to deal to keep feat healthy.

Mentioned below are some foot care remedies we need to swear by :

1. Keep it dry

Wearing shoes for the entire day may make the feet sweat which in turn causes bacteria to grow to make us experience smell on removing the shoes later in the evening. Aim to keep your feet dry. Use a sweat soaking towel after regular intervals to wipe the sweat and keep the feet slip free.

2. Trim nails

Shabby feet are one the most annoying thing for anyone of us! Always keep the nails in shape, filing them can also be a good option as the neat foot makes it easy to maintain hygiene. Overgrown nails can allow dirt to fill in and grow further. Trim them at regular intervals.

3. Choose correct footwear

Choosing the right footwear is essential! The primary reason for foot problems is not wearing the correct footwear. Choose the most comfortable ones, avoiding the fashion studded disasters which can end you up in pain. Right footwear can also make your feet look stunning and keep it safe & healthy.

4. Moisturize

Believe it or not, our feet need a proper nourishment! Exactly like the other body parts, feet too have sensitive skin on the base which cracks with exertion and dries down making the skin rough enough! Wash your feet before bed and apply a moisturizer right after.

5. Remove corns and callus

No matter how much you keep on caring for the feet, corns and callus are too common to avoid! Do not freak out when you discover one, instead prefer visiting a dermatologist to get them treated sooner possible. Always use foot care products including a pumice stone, foot cream and nail filer for clean and healthy feet.

Never ignore the signs of foot care issues troubles and keep your feet healthy!

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