Gastric : Regular Stomach Problem

The unhealthy eating habits, regular changing lifestyle and the unavoidable outings are a part of our everyday life. Being trapped in the tight schedules, we often neglect the needs of our delicate stomach! Yes, I meant delicate! Being a body part controlling the maximum operations in the body, stomach handles a lot of stuff, everything initiates with an unwell stomach affecting the entire routine.

Gastric - Regular Stomach Problem

It is essential to keep a healthy stomach and ultimately get a healthy body. Unhealthy eating and irregular meal patterns can evolve gastric problems in regular days. While we always blame junk for every stomach illness, it is not mandatory at all, even the home cooked food can develop gas in the stomach. We need to get through the roots for a better idea of what to avoid for maintaining stomach health.

What to avoid for a healthy stomach?

Feelings of bloating and swollen belly after eating are the symptoms of gastric action in the stomach. Bloating is very common, about 16-30% of people experience it on regular basis. Although bloating is a serious medical condition, it is usually caused by something in the diet.

Here are some food items which should be avoided when facing bloating :-

1. Carbonated drinks – While you may fetch limca at the time of gas, carbon di oxide is the culprit to trigger bloating and gas.

2. Wheat – Yes, this may shock you! We contain gluten which sometimes causes bloating, having wheat all day can be the cause to land you in trouble. Have rice once a day to avoid excess wheat content.

3. Broccoli – Veggies of broccoli family including cauliflower, cabbage, brussels, sprouts and several others contain FODMAPs contributing in bloating. Have spinach, cucumbers, lettuce and sweet potato instead of it.

4. Dairy products – Dairy products are highly nutritious and an excellent form of protein, calcium. But lactose present in them can create lactose intolerance in people and can cause bloating.

5. Onions – Onions have a unique and powerful taste, they are cooked with almost every vegetable as a basic ingredient. They contain soluble fibres that can cause bloating.

Avoid excess junk, oily, spicy and food combinations which can result in gas. Because a healthy stomach contributes in a healthy body.

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