5 Hair Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Every second women in the world complain about her hairs, while we see the maximum men getting bald! In today’s times hair loss is not restricted to old age but people in the early ages experience the same.

5 Hair Myths You Need to Stop Believing - Heycare

In order to put a full stop on hair loss people like to go for numerous experiments without even realizing how vital it can be to the scalp. The more you apply different oils and other products onto your scalp the larger would be the damage to your hairs.

Most common hair myths you ought not to believe :

  • Regular Trimming helps in hair growth : This is the most popular one! If we take the logic behind this, then the natural hair growth phenomenon needs to be changed. Hair grows from roots not from the ends then what’s the logic behind cutting tips? Yes it is true that regular trimming helps in keeping the hair healthy and sets off split ends too but long hairs because of trimming is a big No!
  • Oiling hairs prevent hair fall : Again a false logic I would say! Oiling is nowhere a helping activity in stopping hair fall instead it contributes in hair fall. Oiling for your hairs will make your scalp attract more dust particles and block hair follicles resulting in hair fall.
  • Repeated hair wash increases hair fall : Is there anything bad in maintaining hygiene? One should be concerned over keeping their hair healthy and thus washing them 3-4 times a week is good for your scalp to breathe and stay clean as well.
  • Using conditioner damages hairs : If this is true then all the hair conditioners should be kept at bay! Conditioners are for shielding hairs and maintaining a protective covering. This helps hairs in fighting damage not damaging your hair!
  • Hair spa improves hair quality and reduces hair fall : I find this the most ludicrous! How can chemicals improves your hair quality? All they can do is make your hairs softer for a while but in the long run they can only contribute in damage. For a natural hair spa try fresh aleo vera but avoid the futile chemicals.

Hair care tips you always need to follow :

  • Never comb your hairs just after oiling and shampoo.
  • Keep your hairs clean, wash 3-4 times a week.
  • Whenever combing, comb your hairs from roots to tips for getting untangled and healthy hairs.
  • Avoid heating options like Rebonding, Pumming etc.
  • For coloring your hairs try hena or natural dyes.
  • Follow a protein rich diet to improve your hairs.

Hair health is equally important as your body health, Stay myth free and improve your senses to improve your hairs!

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