Myths About Hair Transplant You Must Know

Hair transplantation is a medical procedure done with the help of a medical practitioner. Many of us face hair loss issues but, few have the courage to go for a transplant. There are n number of second thoughts while opting the option of hair transplant.

Myths about Hair Transplant - Heycare

1. Try a small procedure to see if it works

You are not tasting a spoon of ice creme! Hair transplant is a serious medical procedure which cannot be done casually. Go for a detailed research to know if the procedure is correct for you, there is no point in cribbing after you have undergone the same.

2. It is better to have hair transplant when you are young

This statement has no truth! In fact, a doctor can trace a better hair loss pattern when a person is older rather than being younger. In young ages, the hair loss pattern is not traceable properly which can cause issues while opting transplant.

3. Women can benefit from transplant just like men

Unlike men, women cannot get the benefits of transplant that accurately as men. In many women who are experiencing hair loss, their donor area is thinning as well as other parts of the scalp, making hair transplantation ineffective.

4. Transplanted hair do not grow

The hairs for transplantation is done through your own hair, which proves the fact that they have the ability to grow. Each hair is plucked from the scalp with the roots and if the transplant is done correctly you would never know if anything artificial has been done to your hairs or not. They look absolutely natural and healthy.

5. Hair transplant is a painful procedure

Almost every transplant procedure is conducted under anesthesia, which means that the person undergoing the transplant will not feel any pain. There might be a little discomfort, but most people can enjoy watching a movie, reading a book or even talking to the staff, while the procedure is being completed. We take special care of giving anesthesia in which we apply special gel before giving anesthesia and make use of vibrator which makes the procedure hardly discernable. Even after the procedure has been completed, there is little or no pain, only the occasional discomfort or irritation, which tends to fade away with time.

Stay away from myths and lead a healthy life!

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