Health Tips : Every Women Must Know During Pregnancy

The most beautiful phase of a women’s life arrives with the arrival of a little baby, she needs a helping hand and constant care throughout the 9 months journey. She becomes sensitive, moody, aggressive and a little bit emotional during the tenure.

Health Tips : Every Women Must Know During Pregnancy - Heycare

Carrying a new life in the womb is not facile! The mother needs to be alert, thoughtful and take countless precautions, especially during the initial months. She needs to work, rest, eat and exercise as per the doctor advice. We know it’s crucial, let’s make a little simpler for you.

Healthy Eating tips to be followed during Pregnancy :

  • Never skip your Breakfast : Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, would be mothers should be very much concerned about their breakfast. They can try fortified or ready to eat cereals. No, it’s not a compulsion but, the ready to eat items have added calcium and minerals which are great for pregnant women and yes, it saves time too.
  • Go for healthy snacking : It’s common to feel hungry time and again but stay away from junk as it can harm the baby. It’s important to build a habit of healthy snacking including Salads, Low Fat Yoghurt, and Fat-Free Cheese.
  • Take Prenatal Vitamins : The regular need of Folic acids and Iron can be all sorted with Prenatal Vitamins. These Vitamins can make women healthier and helps prevents birth defects.
  • Eat fibrous food items : Eat the food items which contain fiber. They can be fruits or the vegetables. Include pulp when you are taking fresh juices. Have a habit of taking fruits and green leafy salads after every 2-hour interval
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine : Skip cigarettes, hard drinks, and regular coffee. You need to take juices instead of soda. Prefer natural drinks over artificial and added flavours
  • Never take medications without asking the doctor : One should be alert about medications, no medicines should be taken without consulting a doctor as it can lead to side effects and other issues, over the counter medicines and herbal medicines can prove dangerous during this period. To ensure a good diet have 5-6 healthy meals each day.

Physical Activities during Pregnancy :

Eating is not enough to ensure a healthy pregnancy, there must be some physical activities to club with eating habits.

You are pregnant that doesn’t mean you can carry on increasing more and more weight. The average weight to be increased during pregnancy is 14kgs which may differ according to the body built and the food we eat. Regular exercise is very much necessary to maintain a healthy weight and for propelling the good growth of the baby.

Exercises like swimming, walking, yoga and pilates are the best to be done during pregnancy. Aim for a 30 min workout schedule but, listen to your body, if it’s difficult never overdo it!

A strong will power can really boost your energy and ensure a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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