10 Health Tips To Keep Your Kids Healthy And Happy in Monsoon

Monsoon is back in town and this time with even more vigor, fun, and frolic. The rains that give a soothing relief after the scorching dry heat of summer. The drizzling droplets make adults and kids equally happy but the side effects hit kids the more as they are prone to viral infections and other illness during monsoon.

10 Health Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy in Monsoon - HeyCare

To help your kids and protect them from the ill effects of the luring rains, follow these 10 health tips to keep your kids healthy and happy in monsoon.

1. Give Your Kids’ Immunity A Boost

Kids’ immune system may not be as strong as that of an adult which is why we need to boost their immunity even before the monsoon starts. you can boost their immunity by feeding them foods rich in Vitamin C (Citrus Fruits), carrots, papaya, ginger, garlic, berries, pineapple and turmeric. These foods must be fresh and clean. Wash the fruits and veggies thoroughly to strain away all the external dust particles that may cause the bacteria to culture. Cut fruits and vegetables is a strict no-no when it comes to the health of our little ones. You can also get some food supplements after consulting the doctor. These supplements are now readily available on online medicine stores where you can buy medicines online.

2. Boil The Drinking Water

Water is an essential part of our lives and during monsoons, kids may sweat more than usual causing the water and essential minerals to flush out of their bodies. to prevent this, keep the kids hydrated by increasing their average intake of water. Make sure you don’t provide them water directly from the tap, a water purifier is a must. If not a water purifier, you should boil the water and use it in cooking as well. Boiling the water kills 97% of viruses and bacteria (approx.).

3. Hot Foods And Drinks

With a continuous rain for 2 or more hours, the temperature may drop suddenly causing your kids to drop their body temperature as well. To provide them with warmth and soothing relief, offer them hot drinks or foods including hot soups, milk, chocolate milk, healthy noodles and herbal teas. Hot drinks and foods keep their digestion balanced while keeping their bodies warm too.

4. No Drenching

Playing in the rain cannot be missed but you must heed the duration of your kids being out there enjoying the drizzle. Do not let them play in the rain for more than 5-10 minutes. You must avoid sending them out in the first place but to let them rejoice the nature and its blessings, playing in the rain in no offence and they must experience it. Drenching completely in the rain may cause flu, cold, cough and other illness. You can also provide your kids with a raincoat that cover their complete bodies.

5. Shower Right Away

After getting soaked in rain water, you must send your kids to a thorough shower. You can also add a few drops of anti-bacterial solutions in the bathing water or opt for a trusted anti-bacterial soap. Bathing will help relax the muscles and remove the dirt and bacteria caught during rain bath. Dry them using a clean and dry towel do not let them step into cool temperature right after shower.

6. Maintain Indoor Temperature

Kids are too fragile to maintain their body temperatures with the changing weather. Make a balance between the outside and indoor temperature while keeping it a little warm and soothing indoors. During nights, keep the light blankets handy as optional as overnight rains may cause a discomfort to kids during their sleep.

7. Invest in Good Rain Gear

Monsoon is inevitable, and will arrive every year. To make sure you are prepared for the season, invest in some good rain gears before the monsoon starts. A good rain gear set includes wide and strong umbrellas, raincoats, gumboots, an extra pair of socks and handkerchiefs, PVC bags for kids to keep their stuff while going out, and over the counter medicines that you can order anytime from HeyCare, an app used to order medicines online.

8. Dry Clothes

Rains may cause your washed clothes to take longer than usual to dry away. Be prepared for the monsoon and stack enough clothes for your kids to avoid running out of them. Believe us, sometimes it becomes too difficult to find a clean and dry clothes for kids as most of their clothes are either unwashed or wet.

9. Personal Hygiene

In the rainy season, dirt and dust may collect in your kids’ nails. So make sure to trim your kids’ nails on a regular basis to avoid deposition of dirt and mud. Also, the hair may retain the moisture for way too long thus make sure to dry and tie your kids’ hair right after they step out of shower.

10. Check for Collection of Rain Water in Your Surroundings

With rains come the lethal flu, viral fevers, dengue fever, malaria fever and much more to count. Most of these illnesses are caused due to mosquitos or flies who culture in the water deposited nearby your house. To avoid these lethal diseases, do not keep any utensil or material in open that may store water. Keep the rooftops clean and properly drains. Do not litter the drains as this causes them to get clogged during rains and stops the flow of water to the sewers. Have knowledge of the symptoms for all seasonal diseases and immediately consult a doctor in case you notice same symptoms in your child.

Children are the future of this world and it is a parent’s responsibility to take care of them and protect them from all big and small problems in life, especially when they are still kids. Get more knowledge and tips about the healthcare for free as HeyCare is offering a free counselling service to its users conducted by an expert. HeyCare is a one place platform where you can order medicines online, book appointments with diagnostic labs, get a free consultation from healthcare expert, and avail the benefits of features like pill reminder and vaccination reminder to keep a track of vaccination schedule of your kids.

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