Healthy Eating, A Long Way To Go!

We know you like hangouts, poolside parties and cozy resorts for refreshing yourself.  You love to relax and stay crazy over food. Quite justified isn’t it?

Healthy Eating, A Long Way To GO - Heycare

Sipping aerated drinks while sitting on the bed, including burgers in your regular diet and yes, a sweet after every meal is a must!  Although we know that these lazy habits are killing us inside, still we love to follow them! Let’s clear up the misconceptions people carry along with them in regards to their health.

1. Eating the way, you like!

Eat to stay healthy not to get skinny! The maximum Indian girls are dying to get the swimsuit body ignoring their respective body shapes. Well, it does not matter if she has broader bones or a bulky body structure, she eats not to stay healthy but starve herself to get skinny! For your information, eating less cannot contribute in losing weight.

2. Are you on a pill diet?

A person’s health can be determined by what he opts as an option- Pills or Stairs! Yeah, lifts are made for our convenience, agreed! For what are stairs made then? Think! Staying Healthy using stairs or taking pills with no physical work, choice is yours!

3. Will do workout someday!

Someday? There are 7 days in a week and someday is not one of them! While we are just concerned about our laziness, think a little about your health too! Workout for yourself!

4. I am slim enough!

“I am in shape, round is a shape!” really? Stop giving excuses for your bulges, exercise for keeping your body in shape!

5. Having snacks is mandatory!

Few die by hunger and many die by eating! Unhealthy food habits are enough to take us to the hospital bed and even worse after! Stop munching junk all day.

There is no diet which can do what healthy eating does! Skip the diet and eat healthy. As a man with the strong fortitude can make up to a healthy being. There is only one golden rule to be followed, wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction, there is nothing more needed for a perfect life!

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