How to Maintain Glowing Skin At Home

Which girl doesn’t like a superb makeup finished face every morning. To look good is the biggest desire of every female. But are you giving your skin a relaxation session? Do your skin also relax and sleeps when you do?? Probably not!!!, as we need to take a peaceful sleep our skin needs to do the same, the full day makeup and usage of regular cosmetics makes the skin prone to early ageing, acne, pigmentation, darkness, unwanted spots and a lot more. If you have got one, then here is a list of solutions and some changes which are ought to be done.

How to Maintain Glowing Skin at Home - Heycare

From the wide range of cosmetic items the most damaging one is foundation, as it is used for proper coverage, it contains high amount of skin damaging  agents which cause wrinkles and even damages the top most layer of the skin routing towards the inner linings which can even cause acne and dark spots.

Most important is to follow a routine before going to bed grab a make-up remover/cleanser preferably “Loreal”, “Maybelline” or “Aroma Magic” which are easily available in the market and doesn’t allow skin damage, drop a cotton ball in it and wipe of your makeup, splash some water after using the cleanser.

You can let your skin relax by the following way outs too-:

  • Usage of lavender oil : This amazing oil helps keeping skin fresh, nourished and fragrant. One of the most ancient herb “lavender” comes from France which constitutes of anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti- inflammatory properties which intern makes the body healthy. To maintain a subtle glow on the skin you can apply a little amount of lavender oil after wiping off your makeup properly. This can be applied on the forehead region to help you stay calm.
  • Almond oil : The most common dry fruit found it every sweet in India can do wonders in skin lightening, almond contains skin lightening properties which brightens the complexion leaving a bright and beautiful skin. 2 drops of almond oil are enough to apply underneath your eyes to cover the dark circle area and even can be applied on the particular area where your skin is dark, keeping the oil overnight can be beneficial.
  • Go for a little massage : Massage seems to be a difficult task after a hectic schedule, we can suggest you a wonderful and easy way to massage your face. Lie down on the bed take a little pillow which is easy to fold, lie on the bed facing towards the pillow, fold the pillow and dab it slowly on your face, do this at various areas of your face. You can even sprinkle a little water to make your pressure massage more relaxing and rejuvenating. This helps in relaxing the face muscles and making you calm.
  • Aleo vera gel : Apply a thin layer of aleo vera gel before bed as it contains freshening agents and anti- allergic properties, this can make you feel fresh all night and a fresh new morning will give a new glow on to your face.

For a good life we need a good start and for a beautiful start we prior need a peaceful night, so stay healthy and sleep tight!!!

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