How to Protect Hairs from Sun Damage

How far we go for protecting our skin from the harmful UV rays. Applying lotions, covering the maximum body, buying UV protection eyeglasses and sunscreens on to the skin.

While we care a lot for the skin, aren’t the hairs important too?

Yes, you may use your scarf as the barrier between the sunlight and hairs but, that won’t always fetch you the favor! There’s a lot sun can do to your hairs, Your natural hair color tone could be lost! You would end up seeing some dull hairs even if your hair dye job is done. The UV rays can harm the hair texture and make them look dull and neglected.

You need to make efforts for your hairs to let them stay healthy in summers :-

1. Washing

Make sure you wash your hairs frequently. The heat exposure, sweating, and humidity may lead to bacterial infection in the scalp which may damage your hair health. Wash at least thrice a week to keep your hairs clean and healthy. Do not forget to choose a moisturizing shampoo to look the essential moisture in the scalp.

2. Oiling

As far as scalp help is concerned, the need of massaging the hairs with warm oil becomes necessary to lock the volume and improve hair texture. Oil before you wash your hair but, do not overdo the same.

3. Eliminate Heating Tools

Eliminate the usage of heating tools in your hairs. Excessive heat through the heating tools can make the scalp pores open further making the dust particles enter the scalp.

4. Swimming

Never ever let the chlorine water stay in your scalp. Those relaxing hours may cause a lot of damage to the hairs. Wear a shower cap before entering the pool and wash your hairs with a mild shampoo once you are out!

5. Check Your Length

Do not think of those long hairs open all the time! Tie your hairs during summers to avoid sweat and exposure to heat. Use an umbrella to cut the direct contact from the heat.

Keep your hairs stronger and healthier this summer!

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