Infant Vaccination – A Dire Necessity

Kids are always at the risk, as they do not have a grown up brain like adults! They always need someone to look after themselves constantly. What if the parents are busy and baby’s vaccination gets missed?

Infant Vaccination: A Dire Necessity - Heycare

Sometimes there is no backup of the missed tasks! The health of the little baby cannot be kept at risk. Well said “Prevention is better than care”. Let yourself indulge in prevention first, create a solution to eliminate the risk factor.

All you need to do is, sit back and let your smart phone help you out! Yes, the solution lies in your smart phone. As there are many available applications which remind you about your child’s due vaccination and you can easily access your baby’s health at the tap of a finger.

The issues do not end here, at times parents get confused about the baby vaccinations and end up missing the important one. Receiving messages or the list of vaccination is quite common, which one to prefer is the issue to think over.

The solution is not so far for this too! The healthcare apps will do the needful, they can make you aware about the following things-:

  • Which vaccination is mandatory?
  • Which vaccination is optional?
  • Which vaccination has side effects?
  • Which vaccination is better according to your baby?

What if baby’s vaccination gets missed?

Missing of any dosage can make the child suffer danger, from 18.7 million babies in the world 20% of them do not receive required immunization. They are on the higher chances of suffering from life threatening diseases. Due to the same reason nearly 1.5 million children will be dyeing needlessly if not vaccinated on time.

Some even suffer from the vital diseases lifelong, if not vaccinated properly, one of the most common examples is of “Polio”, a child if not vaccinated has to suffer with issues in walking all his life. We often see children facing issues, they are the result of lack of vaccination knowledge or carelessness!

Always be alert for infant vaccination or immunizing your child on time, download a vaccination reminder app to stay happy and tension free.

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