Insulin Patch is the New Diabetes Cure

Insulin injections have always been a strenuous task for the patients, even a single miss could be dangerous for the one having high blood sugar. In a new research, a group of scientists has created the special insulin patch which stimulates the body’s own insulin production and is completely pain-free.

The game-changing invention delivers a natural substance extracted from brown algae, it helps in completely removing the need for painful and unpleasant daily injections. The patients will need to apply the new insulin patch once a week and it will stimulate the body to produce the required insulin. The patch will work by delivering a naturally produced substance which is derived from brown algae via microneedles.

According to the scientific director of the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, the weekly patch is less complicated and painful than routines that require frequent blood testing. The International Diabetes Federation estimates around 371 million people in the world suffer from diabetes so this new insulin patch would be a much-needed solution for the same.

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