Low Calorie Diet for Kids

A kid when developing in terms of mind and body needs adequate amount of nutrients to grow. Energy consumed in a child’s body is greater than that consumed in an adult’s body. With the changing lifestyle and regular modifications in the eating patterns, children usually end up having an obese body!

Low Calorie Diet for Kids - Heycare

The frequent outings also contribute in consuming a high amount of junk! Well, talking about the fast food, it is now an important part of our lives and unknowingly we consume it on regular basis, may it be a packet of cookies or some tea time wafers, all of them fall in the category of junk, damaging the body in some or the other way.

As an adult, we can put ourselves on a low calorie diet to shed off some extra kilos but, what about the obese kids? Should we keep them on a low carb diet? The answer is NO!

Kids in the growing age cannot compromise their nutrient content! Keeping kids on a low calorie regime can hamper many of the essential elements for their growth.

Talking about carbohydrates, kids needs carbohydrates the most! Specialists suggest that about 50% of the calories that youngsters and grown-ups consume originate from carbohydrates. Nutritious food items like grains, vegetables, yogurt and milk contain carbohydrates which are the body’s favoured source of energy.

If your kids are obese and consume a lot of sugary items in a day along with carb rich food items, restrict them by limiting their sugar content as excess of any of them can be harmful to the health. For keeping in an accurate quantity for your kids, go for a proper diet regime prescribed by a qualified child dietitian.

As a parent you can even make note of your child’s food intake, keep a track on what he is eating and what quantity is required. Making a diet chart can help in the same. Neglect a lot of junk food in the daily diet and divert your child towards a healthy diet.

Keep it healthy for your kids and let them indulge in daily physical activities. A healthy child can contribute in a healthy world!

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