Lower Back Pain: Common Causes and Preventions

From the time we get up in the morning and start for the day, all we do is Sit! sitting in the car, cabs, metro, auto and then a 9 hour routine to sit in front of the computer. While it seems just a routine but we never know how much it costs for our health.

A machine works well when it is used regularly but what if we just leave it for a couple of years and then expect the same performance? Yes it will not be working the same right? Something similar happens with our body, we need regular activity to feel fit and active.

But we always have some excuses ready, a little laziness can result in some serious health issues. One of the very common one is lower back pain! Let’s uncover the meaning perspective and effects of lower back pain.

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What is lower back pain?

It can be understood as an injury or strain to the muscle or ligament of our backs. This sometimes becomes brutal when diagnosed as a fracture of disk rupture.

What are the common causes of lower back pain?

There can be multiple causes of lower back pain, some possible ones are-:

  • Sitting for too long
  • Non relaxation of back
  • Sitting or sleeping in wrong posture
  • Uplifting heavy weight
  • Over stretching
  • Twisting
  • Sudden movement
  • Hard mattress
  • Wearing high heels

It may be a little discomfort or can even be a serious issue to look after, depending upon the strain you got on to your back. This kind of pain is quite common in middle age people (25-45 years). Even adults can experience the pain but the issues would be different.

Do athletes also experience lower back pain?

Yes of course, they are fit does not mean they are not humans, pain can incur in anyone’s body it all depends on the causes. Usually the people who are fit can experience severe pain when they overdo weight lifting.

What can be done to cure lower back pain?

To get rid of the vital pain one can follow these steps-:

  • Regular yoga – You can follow regular yoga in order to get relief from backache, yoga techniques for low back pain are easily available at youtube or any of the yoga DVDs.
  • Relaxation massage – Massage your back whenever you feel some pain in your back.
  • Quit smoking –  Smoking not only damages lungs but can also hurt your back, stop smoking for a healthy you.
  • Keep good posture – Keep your posture right! This helps in getting rid of the regular pain.
  • Improve flexibility – One of the reason for pain can be lack of flexibility, involve in daily activities to improve flexibility and help yourself in aiding the pain.
  • Apply ice and heat packs – When it becomes worse, apply ice and heat remedy, you need to first apply ice and then heat up, do it repeatedly.
  • Limit bed rest – We know rest is important but over relaxation can lead to problems, limit your bed rest to avoid pain.

Well, they are just some common remedies, if the pain persist and becomes killing do not wait to visit the doctor, a little pain can transform into a vital disease.  Forget the risk and make the health issues fix!

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