Makeup Testers Leading to Herpes and Blindness

High street makeup testers are potential ingredients for severe skin infections! Microbiologists say, in-store cosmetic samples could have been used by up to 30 or 40 different people and probably carry a variety of bacterial infections.

Giant beauty store chains having an entire section of self-makeup with a variety of tester products will undoubtedly get your excitement mode on but, they may be a severe danger for the skin. Everyone using the products may not follow the same hygiene as you do, lipstick testers generally have some left-over saliva droplets which may infect the other person when used.

Often the beauty blenders and brushes are dampened to help the application of eyeshadow or foundation, the dampened brush may catch bacteria and promote rapid bacterial growth. Ladies using common beauty products may get herpes, pink eye syndrome, and health hazard as severe as blindness. Currently there isn’t any cure for herpes but treatments are available to reduce the length of the infection. Some beauty store customers reported skin irritation and long tern rashes on using display products and brushes.

Bacteria can build up inside the cosmetic container, at the bottom of the makeup bag, on the cotton swabs and even on makeup brushes. Dermatologist recommends no sharing of cosmetic products even between families and friends, you never know what can get you skin infection future troubles!

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