Mental Health : Myths and Facts

Human life can never move at the same pace for the entire lifetime, there may be changes, emotions, sufferings and joy. Life revolves around a big loop of an emotional circle which ends up when one leaves his body! Our mind never stops working, even though we are sleeping or not in consciousness, our mind keeps on making thoughts and thinking over one or the other things.

Mental Health : Myths and Facts - Heycare

Where we take care of our overall health each time, another aspect which is not actually in the focus is Mental Health. one needs to be strong physically and mentally too! Let’s check out with some Mental Health myths each one of you have encountered.

1. Mental Health Issues are Not Faced by Children

Yes, of course, even the teenagers can develop early mental illness signs. Although the condition can never be too worse but the early signs are enough to signal issues in future! Half of the symptoms may occur at the age of 14 but, the other 3 quarter may rise when a person turns 24 and older.

2. People with Mental Issues are Violent and Unpredictable

Mental illness can never be treated as a condition where the person suffering from it can be categorized as violent. In fact, some people with serious mental illness don’t even realize it. The violent behavior may differ, nearly 3-4% people reach such condition else others stay normal.

3. Mental Illness Cannot be Treated

This can be said as the biggest myth! Mental illness is treatable and a person suffering from the same can recover once he is provided with the normal lifestyle. Staying busy can be considered as the essential part! If a person carries the same routine, he can even recover completely.

4. Mental Illness can Only be Recovered with the Help of Pills

Medicines can help, no doubt! But, it can only heal up a person to some extent. There are other way outs to help a person suffering from Mental Illness, various therapies and self-help can heal soon!

Let’s break out the myth wall and meet the truth! Mental Illness is a medical condition but not a contagious disease. Patients stay normal and they deserve care and warmth!

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