5 Myths about Brain You Didn’t Know

An adult brain weighs 1,300-1,400 grams, almost 2% of our total body weight! The brain is one of the most amazing organs in the human body, it controls our central nervous system, making us capable of performing the actions not just the physical outputs but the internal process too.

Though the topic Human Brain is surrounded by various myths, let’s uncomplicate some :-

1. Brain gets developed at birth

Unlike other body parts, the brain cells are formed before we even take birth. While most of the developments take place during the infancy time and the early childhood.

2. Brain development depends on the genetic factors

Genetic factors do not influence brain development entirely. Human interactions, the culture and society surroundings are more critical in a child’s brain development.

3. A toddler’s brain is less active than an adult

The fact is right opposite the statement! A 3-year-old toddler brain is twice as active than an adult brain. This is the reason children grab things better and quicker than adults, they reciprocate the actions and anything happening around them.

4. Speak one language before you learn another

Children who learn English at the same time as they learn French do not confuse one language with the other and so develop more slowly. This idea of interfering languages suggests that different areas of the brain compete for resources. In reality, young children who learn two languages, even at the same time, gain better-generalized knowledge of language structure as a whole.

5. Male brains are better suited for math & science, while female for empathy

There are small anatomical differences between male and female brains, this much is certain. The hippocampus, involved in memory, is usually larger in women, while the amygdala, involved in emotion, is larger in men. As the fact is the right opposite of the myth statement mentioned above.

Untangle the myths and believe the facts!

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