5 Myths About Eating Fruits You Need to Know

Fruits compliments being healthy! Having raw fruits always benefits in remaining fit and active without putting on the extra calories. While we have a lot of delusions regarding the fruits intake, lets figure out which ones are true!

5 Myths About Eating Fruits You Need to Know - Heycare

1. Have fruits empty stomach

You might have heard about this, the myths claim that having fruits along with the meals can slow the digestion process and can make the food sit in the stomach. Some even say the simultaneous intake of meal and fruits can cause acidity and other discomfort. Well, to clear the queries, having fruits with the meal may make you feel fuller for longer but it can never make food sit in your stomach, the fibre in fruits help in keeping you full. Every other claims are false; fruits are absolutely safe to have with your regular meals.

2. Having Fruits before and after a meal decreases its nutrition value

This myths states that a person should not have fruits before and after a meal as the nutrition value decreases but, the truth is just the contradictory of the same. Nutrition value simply has no connection with the timing. Human intestine is made to absorb the nutrients from the fruits and yes, grab each bit of it!

3. Diabetic patients shouldn’t consume fruits before or after 1-2 hour of having meal

Well, the basic conception behind this would be, a diabetic patient should avoid the sugary fruits in order to control the blood sugar levels, eating it before or after a meal does not actually makes a difference. One can consume food whenever he feels like, provided it should not be a sugary fruit such as Banana, mango, chiku etc.

4. Fruits should be consumed in afternoon

There is no such scientific logic behind deciding the time to have fruits in a day, it is believed that, in afternoon if the food high in carbs is consumed such as a fruit, it can increase the blood sugar level and that in turn will Buzz the digestive system. While there is no special need to wake up the digestive system as it automatically wakes up when the food touches the tongue. Regardless of the timing of fruit intake. Blood sugar level increase has no connection with the same.

5. One should not consume fruits after 2 pm

The logic behind this could be the same, increasing blood sugar level! But there seems no evidence of blood sugar increase more after 2 pm. As time cannot decide the same.

Stay away from myths, fruits are the healthiest food item! Consume plenty of them and stay healthy!

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