5 Surprising Myths & Facts About Dandruff

Dandruff as we know it is a common scalp skin condition that can affect anyone. In fact majority of the people are facing this skin problem due to unhealthy eating habits, poor hygiene habits, or may be even because of genetics.

5 Surprising Myths & Facts About Dandruff - Heycare
Thankfully, unlike other genetic disorders like premature greying and baldness, dandruff can be cured by seeking proper medical help or by adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

Over the years, people with dandruff have believed loads of things which actually to our surprise are mere myths! Yes, various common sayings that we come to hear about dandruff and its causes are just myths and here we are going to bust them with true and proven facts.

Myth #1: Dry Scalps cause more dandruff

Fact : Not at all! Dandruff is generally caused by the growth of fungal infection caused by a parasite named fungus Malassezia onto the scalps of the people with poor hygiene habits. Thus anyone having a dry, oily, or normal scalp can suffer from dandruff.

Myth #2: Dandruff occurs only during winters

Fact : Dandruff is a scalp condition that occurs due to poor hygiene habits or exposure to some class of chemicals. It can occur and persist in any season regardless of moisture content in the air. It can be avoided by keeping the scalp well-nourished with properly balanced oil content suitable for your hair and skin.

Myth #3: Dandruff triggers hair fall

Fact : While dandruff is one of the reasons in many cases for excessive hair fall, it is not entirely responsible for your tresses falling off! The major causes of excessive hair fall include poor nutrition, stress, and unhealthy cleaning habits. It is advised to figure it out by you before heading to a dermatologist.

Myth #4: It can be caught if you hang out with people having dandruff

Fact : Dandruff is not contagious at all. It is just a social behavior that makes people judge other people having dandruff. It is a skin condition and can happen to anyone. However; since it is caused by a fungal infection, it is recommended not to use the combs, towels, or any other hair related products used by an affected person.

Myth #5: Washing your hair and scalp every day can help cure dandruff

Fact : Well not really! No sane person will recommend doing this as even dermatologist recommends us to wash our hair and scalp only once or twice a week. Washing your hair daily can rip it off further making it lose its natural oils and deprive it of nourishment.

If your dandruff is going out of the way, then we recommend you to visit your dermatologist and ask for proper guidance. Do not trust in myths as following these can damage your hair and scalp further. If you run on a really busy schedule, the try buying medicines online. You can now also book for diagnostic tests online by using one of the various healthcare app available on Play Store and App Store.

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