Obesity: Result of Careless Lifestyles Ruining Generations

Obesity Result of Careless Lifestyles Ruining Generations

“Obesity runs in the family because no one runs in the family!”

Men in the age between 35-55 are often seen with a hefty belly, although women do overstep men in being bulky! Indians carry abounding fallacies about foods which are said to be healthy, but are on a secret mission to make us a roly-poly butterball!

In India we see foodies all around, from a little “thela” on the road sides to luxury restaurants, nothing is left undiscovered. While we see rush at every food stall, may it be the oil filled snack samosa or the most healthy salad bar, the food habits and the lawless tongue makes a superb combination and is enough to make our belly fat and fatter.

Let’s check out the messages our favorite food items have sent for us-:

  • Burger – Hey love! I am always there for you when you feel hungry, I will serve you a potato stuffed bread with lot’s of crème and lofty sauces, I am a superb diet to make you fatty!
  • Aerated Drinks –  Hey Belly! Drink me and get caffeine spread all over your body, I too have a great ability to gift you some extra kilos.
  • Pastries – I look so adorable, don’t I? I can make your stomach filled with crème and sugar, have me regularly and transform yourself from fit to fat!

What are the obesity related diseases?

We generally obey what the tongue say! Taste is supreme and that’s how we get tempted and attracted towards the foods and beverages. The culprit is our lifestyle and the amazing changes we make through!

India is the third largest country after US and China to get the maximum obese population! It’s not just some statistics showing the alarming stage of India but a warning to those who are not bothered to love themselves enough.

Increased weight and a heavy body is not just difficult to carry but it becomes a native of diseases like High blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, gallbladder diseases and various types of cancer related to stomach.

Obesity in itself is dangerous and a silent host to diseases, people from the age of 15 to 55 are experiencing obesity in a vital manner. While we are just aware about a single phase which shows the number of people affected but seems to be unaware of the actual cause which makes us prone to obesity!

What are the causes of Obesity?

The causes can include unhealthy eating habits, lack of alertness towards increased body weight, emotional stress & mental trauma leading to overeating. To keep ourselves healthy we ought to follow the rule to take the amount of calories which can be burnt in the same day, intake of more is harmful!

What are the preventive measures for Obesity?

To protect ourselves from being obese we must be alert about our eating habits and do not allow a free intake of as much calories we want!

  • We can analyze the amount of food we are having and can work out accordingly.
  • To control every 2 hour hunger we can keep some nuts or diet items for munching.
  • Avoid heavy snacks and items which are rich in carbohydrates.
  • Prefer cheese over butter.
  • Avoid white bread on regular basis.
  • Do not have rice and chapatti together in a meal.
  • Have your dinner 3 hours before you sleep.
  • Skip the lunch if you had a super heavy breakfast.

Take a step towards a healthy future and stay free from diseases because a fat belly and cute looks suits “Po” (Kungfu Panda) not you!

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