Poison Emergency For Kids : A Complete Guide

Children are the victim of the maximum Poison Emergency cases as they swallow up Non-Food Items or dangerous items. Kids get severely sick if they are not treated on time.

Poison Emergency For Kids, A Complete Guide - Heycare

Although Poison Emergency can happen at any stage, one should stay known on what products they are having, checking the ingredients is the basic step to be taken.

What could be the cases of poison emergency for kids?

1. Swallowed Poison

If you find your Kid with an empty container of a dangerous chemical or a Non-Food item, he may have swallowed the poisonous item. Do the following things to treat your kid.

  • Take the item from the kid and check if you can make him spit the things he swallowed.
  • Do not make him vomit, this may increase the danger.
  • If he becomes unconscious, not breathing or having seizures, take him to the hospital.
  • You can call the emergency number if your child is too young and he has swallowed very dangerous poison.

2. Poison on Skin

If your child spills a dangerous chemical on his skin, remove his clothes immediately and rinse with room temperature water at least for 15 minutes. Call the emergency helpline number to stay double sure with your child’s safety. Do not use any of the ointments or greasy materials on the skin as it may damage the skin to a greater extent.

3. Poison in the Eye

If the eye of your child gets infected through poison or any dangerous chemical, wash the eye thoroughly. Hold your kid with one arm and ask someone near you to stretch his eyelid, constantly keep flushing the eye with water, especially in the inner corners of the eye. Rinse for at least 15 minutes and do not use any kind of eye drops or eye creams. In worse cases, rush the child to the hospital.

4. Poisonous Fumes

Your home may also contain some dangerous fumes which can prove harmful for your kids. The fumes can be generated through the various ways.

  • Running car in a closed garage.
  • Gas leaks.
  • Smell of wood, kerosene, coal stoves not working properly.

If your child faces some issues while breathing because of the poisonous fumes, let her breathe in fresh air and if she stops breathing, give her CPR immediately till the time she is not able to breathe on her own or any other professional help does not come. Call the doctor or take her to the hospital if the condition worsens up.

Ensure your child’s safety to the maximum, keep harmful items away from the reach of the children and let them have a safe time at home!

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