Post Festival Diet to Lose Weight

We’re overloaded with junk every festival. Diwali has just passed and it’s the time to detox with a neutralizing diet to keep the stomach in peace. Planning for a dietitian visit or an oath to keep your weight in check?

Check out the quick fixes to keep your weight managed and health sorted :-

1.Water it up

Water is powerful in every sense, it removes the impurities from the body and keeps you fresh. Due to the intake of a lot of junk and fried items, stomach feels full and constipated. Drink lots of water to remove the toxins from the body and keep yourself hydrated.

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2. Avoid refined flour and sweets

Every sweet contains refined flour and no junk is made without it! Strictly avoid refined flour and sweets at least for a week. Reduce your carbs intake and keep it going smooth for your gut.

3. Healthy snacking

A total goodbye to snacks may be tough, do not starve yourself, always keep a bowl of fresh fruits handy. Make fruits and a handful of nuts for snack choice for a week or two. Let your tummy be back to normal.

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4. Schedule

Though less people realize the importance of following a schedule, it is imperative to follow your meals time strictly, have your meals on time and keep your gut clear. Change your dinner time if it is too late in the evening, try not cross the cap of 8 in the evening for having your dinner.

5. Workout

As the festival week could not get you some time to work out, try and increase your regular physical activity to stay fit. Too much cardio all at once is not a clever choice, you can choose from the variety of light exercises for initial and switch with the vigorous one later.

Sleep well, eat right and keep yourself healthy post festivals.

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