5 Reasons to Add Walking in Your Health Routine

5 Reasons to Add Walking in Your Health Routine

Once Annie Taylor said, “Walking is Cheap, Fun, Safe and Acceptable Exercise.” Though many of us still find it difficult to get our heads out early in the morning, walking has been announced as the best therapy for the majority of our physical and mental ailments. Adding walking to our fitness routine can provide us great benefits.

Some of the great benefits of walking are:

1. A Walker Lives Longer

Walkers are monitored to have better heart health than non-walkers. Brisk walking helps us grasp more oxygen and the enhanced heartbeat helps break down this oxygen in an equally fast manner. This oxygen oxidizes our cells thus making them active and boost their functionality.

2. Walking Helps Keep Weight Gain in Check

We know that extra weight makes your confidence level go down. But do you know that it has an even a greater impact on your overall physical and mental health? Regular walking habits boost our metabolism and help us consume the extra fats and carbs on time. It prevents them from depositing in our blood vessels and muscles thus keeping us fit and active.

3. Walking Helps Eliminate the Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain has become one of the most common health problems for people from all across the globe. After conducting researches and studies on a mass number of participants, the researchers have concluded that the walking with an appropriate posture helps eliminate the lower back pain without taking help of any medication. Precautions must be taken to walking with a bad posture may worsen the condition. The right posture is to keep the head up with chin parallel to the ground, stomach tucked and arms relaxed. Also neither lean forwards nor backwards. In the case of pain or dizziness, one must stop walking and consult a doctor immediately.

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4. It Reduces the Risk of Heart Diseases, Stroke and Cancer

We inhale and ingest hundreds of chemicals and toxic elements each day. These toxic elements when stays deposited in our body for a longer period of time may cause diseases like stroke, cancer, and other heart and lungs related disorders. To extract these toxins out from our bodies, we need to sweat them out and the best way to do this is walking or exercising. Since we don’t need any training or precautions while walking, it makes the best exercise that can be performed anywhere and at any time. The best time to walk is morning and the evening when the temperature is moderate and workload is not there.

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5. Walking Enhances Brain Power

As mentioned above, walking boosts the oxygen levels in our blood and this highly oxygenated blood is transported to our brain through blood vessels. With a good blood circulation, our brain cells get necessary energy to work in a better manner. A healthy brain lives in a healthy body and same is for its vice versa. A person with a healthy brain will always have a healthy body as the brain helps regulate the proper functioning of each and every cell in our body.

So now that we know that walking is the best option when it comes to staying fit, add this to your fitness routine from today! Walk and run to live a healthy and stress-free life.

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