5 Reasons Why You’re not Losing Weight

Healthy diet – – – – Check!
Exercise – – – – Check!
Weight loss – – – – Nothing as such!

Are you cribbing over the injustice with your weight loss routine you’ve been following since weeks? Of Course, you have reduced the unwanted munching and did a regular cardio too but, it is the stagnant fat which is not ready to move even in an inch. Well, it is your calorie intake which is gripping your weight from dropping!

5 Reasons Why You’re not Losing Weight

What catches the attention is the imperative Why! We have the answer; you may be falling in one of the following criteria :-

1. The Food Run

This is a common mistake which every busy bee is doing these days. Why are you rushing to finish your food? There is simply a need to chew the food properly, eat your meal slowly, chew it properly and enjoy the taste. Do not race to finish it, it isn’t the marathon!

2. Meal Skip

Starving is not at all dieting! Both have a huge difference. You need to eat, but eat smart! Never ever skip meals in order to lose weight. Skipping meal makes you feel hungry quickly and you end up having more calories than regular.

3. Excess of Liquid

It is good to keep yourself hydrated but, that does not mean to overdo yourself with an excess of liquid diet. Having a lot of smoothies, juices, packet drinks, and other beverages contain sugar and a lot of it! Avoid them to stay in shape.

4. Big Portions all the Time

Having 3 huge meals is not the way to weight loss! Have 6 smart meals, with lesser calories. Takes green veggies, maybe the boiled one. Do not use sauces and extra flavors as salts also contribute to weight gain. Keep your meals good in number, not in size.

5. Eating Worthlessly

Eat when you are hungry, not when you just feel like! Don’t keep munching without a reason. Have a healthy diet and eat only what is good for your weight loss regime. Keep a daily calorie target and make it quite strict to cross!

Stay in shape, stay healthy!

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