Regular Tiredness : Causes and Prevention

We are in the world where being busy is what needed to stay happy, agreed and justified! The cycle goes on and life continues to be wonderful but what if you start feeling inactive, irked and fatigued! The scenario changes and we get interrupted by sleepless nights, body pain and restlessness.

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The tiredness may last for hours or some days but sometimes can prolong for weeks too! It may not be just tiredness or fatigue, it can be some serious health issues which may bother taking you a long way to feeling drooping all the time.

Reasons of Regular Tiredness

The reasons can be many in number but the most common ones are listed below-:

  • Anemia : Yes, you could be anemic! It cannot be majorly categorized as a disease but as a nutritional deficiency, if you are lacking at a balanced diet intake then you are at a higher risk of anemia. One could feel fatigued and tired all the time.
  • Thyroid : Increase in Thyroid hormone leads to muscle fatigue and weakness, this may make the first move from stiffness in thighs and further affecting activities like riding a bicycle, climbing the stairs and running.
  • Diabetes : With the increase in body sugar levels, people get prone to tiredness and fatigue. People suffering from type 2 diabetes are more likely to suffer from fatigue. It may be the early warning signs but can stay connected permanently to a person suffering from Diabetes.
  • Depression : Depression is the main cause of getting ill and facing tiredness, a depressed person may stay tired all the time, there are other factors which influence and impact on the overall health during the depression but, fatigue and irritated behavior are the one of the vital cause.
  • Anxiety : Felling anxiety time and again is quite normal but, at times when the feeling deepens it’s effects, one can feel tiredness and restlessness.
  • Sleep Apnoea : This is a condition during sleep, when your throat narrows or even closes and interrupts breathing which results in bad sleep and tiredness during the day. A person may snore a bit loud which can interrupt the sleep.
  • Chronic Fatigue : People who suffer from Chronic Fatigue syndrome experience fatigue each time they decide to initiate some work, they may feel restless and tired due the condition!

Stay aware and updated about the reasons of fatigue and regular tiredness! Because a healthy life starts with a healthy body.

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