Rice vs Chapati : Which is Healthier?

Rice or wheat? Or just both! We have grown up with the routine including them in our daily accompanies. While the timing preference may differ, most of us blend our day with the either dishes.  Though rice and chapati both have an almost similar calorie content, chapati is a bit dominant in terms of proteins and fibers.

Chapati is an appropriate one while having dry veggies and rice can be the best option with gravy delicacies, but which one is a healthier pick?

While taste may differ from a person to another, if striving for a weight loss, chapati is the clear winner! While rice carries the negligible amount of sodium, chapati on contrary contains 190 mg sodium in 120 grams of wheat.

What makes chapati different?

Chapati and rice both lie on the same page in terms of nutrients and calories. Chapati continues to be the best pick due to the amount of dietary fiber it contains. It digests slowly and thus keeps you full for longer while rice is easily digestible and may make you feel hungry in a lesser time.

How much to have?

Though chapatis are the chosen one, doesn’t mean you can increase the quantity as per your capacity! When planning to lose weight keep 4 chapatis a day rule. Have more of veggies and lesser breads. If you wish to ditch the salad routine for dinner and have chapati instead, have your day end meal before 8 pm or preferably 2 hours before going to bed. Do not strike your sofa right after a meal, walk a little and let the food get digested.

Is choosing brown rice a better option?

Yes, certainly! Brown rice is a healthier option if you’re having a tough time giving up on rice. It is rich in selenium which reduces the risk of developing common illness such as cancer, heart disease, and arthritis. It promotes weight loss as the fiber content of brown rice keeps the bowel function easygoing since the digestion is pretty much easier. It keeps the tummy full for a bit longer which in turn promotes lesser meals and carbs in a day.

Brown rice has a high nutritional value and a slow release sugar which is a perfect blend when you choose healthy and weight watching all at once.

Choose what suits your body and tongue. The healthier you choose, the better you become!

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