Rising Cost of Healthcare in India : Impact and After Effects

Today, Indians are more concerned towards Health than they have been ever. They might find it beneficial in the long run but regular health checkups and health tracking aren’t necessarily good for their wallets.

India in the current state is a tourist attraction not just for leisure but, Healthcare too! A decade ago, about 31 out of every 1,000 Indians in Urban Areas were hospitalized every year, excluding the number of women for childbirth, while in 2014, as per NSSO Report, 44 out of every 1,000 Indians end up getting hospitalized in a year. The graph clearly depicts how the facilities have increased in order to meet the rising population needs.

Despite increased healthcare facilities, rising expenses remained unchanged. That seems to be bearable for some and troublesome for the lower grade. As more and more patients choose private clinics over government clinics and hospitals for treatment, they have been faced with rising medical bills. Though the cost varies across the Indian States. In Rural India, states with a high proportion of people seeking medical care in private hospitals face higher cost. States including Punjab, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana reported the majority choosing private hospitals for treatment. On the contrary, in states such as Odisha, Jammu & Kashmir, Assam and Jharkhand reported low hospitalization cost as most people visit government hospitals.

Expensive Surgeries

Are you health insured? If aren’t, worry a little as sudden healthcare expenses are too much to bear. Right from the chronic illness like diabetes, you could be a victim of any health care emergency which needs on the go funds.

Have a look at the medical treatments and their whooping costs :-

1. Cancer

2015 reported over 800,000 cancer patients which are expected to rise to 11,48,757 by 2020. Head and Neck Cancer Surgery costs 2 lakhs, stage two cancer surgery costs 1.5 lakh, each chemotherapy involves a cost of 90,000 which comes to be 10 lakh as an average cancer cost. Apart from these necessary treatments, no doctor can guarantee a life to be saved which includes their daily medications not less than 50,000 for each cycle.

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2. Heart Diseases

25% of deaths from heart diseases take place between the group of 25-69. An angioplasty costs INR 1- 3.5 lakh, By-Pass costs 2 lakh and a Valve Replacement costs nearly 3.5 Lakh.

3. Kidney Failure

Chronic Kidney Disease is the 12th leading cause of deaths around the world.  Hemodialysis monthly costs are nearly INR 12-15,000 per month, a Kidney Transplant costs 4 lakhs, post-transplant costs is around 5,000 to 10,000, excluding the medications in the process.

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