Self Medication : The Biggest Enemy of Your Health

Self Medication - The Biggest Enemy of Your Health : Heycare

We live in a society where visiting a doctor for regular medical issues seems a baseless and futile action, if one neglects the misconception and goes to visit a doctor he can easily be announced as an uneconomical and extravagant personality!

If you are suffering from frequent sneezes and feeling a little warm then it’s 100% sure that you have viral fever which will last for 3-7 days and all you need to do is buy a crocin advanced from the chemist outside your colony gate or if your nose starts running then carry a D cold total along! That’s it.

You need not waste your 200 bugs for paying doctor’s fee, quite ethical right? Modernization and awareness are not merely some casual looking words, they do carry an essential meaning. Self -medication is something Indians are following since they think they exist.

We pop in pills for every possible disease without even realizing the need of a doctor because grand mom’s and society aunties are enough qualified to treat us!

Common Meds People Utilize in their Self Medication?

Well it depends on the symptoms actually!

  • Coughing and sneezing – D-Cold Total, Cetirizine.
  • Warm head and body ache – Combiflam, Sumo, Crocin.
  • Pain in any body part – Combiflam, Meftal spas.
  • Any allergy – Avil.
  • Constipation – Norflox, Pan-D.

It’s never a surety that these symptoms will always be transformed into the disease  you were thinking! Popping in your self-assumed pills can be as dangerous as eating chocolates for a high diabetes patient.

What are the reasons of Self Medication?

People have a lot of excuses when asked why you did not visit a doctor? Following are some-:

  • I am on money saving mode :- Oh really! Is that so? Your saving of 200 can make you pay 20,000 in future. Oh! You got a medical insurance right? Chuck it, even the insurance people will not pay you the full amount, the burden will come to you in the end.
  • How can I visit a doctor, it’s just a little constipation :- Yeah of course, you should not visit the doctor until and unless the constipation becomes too frequent and gets transformed into gastritis right?
  • We did not had doctors when we were young, our Grand mom cured us with “Ghar ke nuskhe” :- Indians usually had grandmothers who were excellent saviors in the times of difficulties, okay yeah we agree but the point to be taken in consideration is that the eating habits and work routine of those times were different too! Honey, basil leaves and turmeric cannot actually cure the diseases now a days.

What are the Harsh consequences of Self Medication?

Well the result of self-medication can be as vital as one could imagine, if you do not consult a doctor before taking pills, there is a guarantee that you will end up getting in trouble! There is a possibility that the disease can multiply it’s existence and you can even face the side effects of the medicine!

Why risk a life? Consult a doctor whenever you feel sick and say no to Self-Medication!

We understand it’s difficult to visit a doctor due to long queues and then it becomes worse when you forget to take your pills, not to worry, you just remember to smile and HeyCare will take care of the rest! Download HeyCare app and sort all your medical worries.

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