Your Summer Treatment Guide for Skin and Stomach

Summers are back with a heat blast! The sun flashing high and sweat all over. The more sun exposure one faces more he experiences skin issues. As your throat needs some chillers, the skin needs them too!

Your summer treatment guide for skin and stomach - Heycare

Another fact which comes out to be the risk factor is our eating habits, our skin is a reflection of the internal situation going on in our stomach. Before caring for your skin try and think more about your stomach.

As we always hog on the chilled drinks and junk on every little outing, we do not realize the issues we are creating for the stomach. Summer invites diseases if you are not on the right track for your digestive system.

Coming on to the skin issues, due to the UVA and UVB sun rays damaging the skin harshly, the delicate skin tissues needs to breathe and refresh themselves. The skincare cosmetics which claim to protect your skin from sun radiance are the healers for outer layer of the skin but not the protector of the inner damage.

Food items to avoid in Summers

The weather is hot enough outside, don’t let your inner temperature be the same. Avoid food items which make the heat growth denser! Below is the list which should be avoided during Summers.

  • Dried Fruits :- Maximum people have a habit of carrying a pocket full of dried fruits for munching all day. This does helps in making your hunger less but can increase the body heat.
  • Non-Vegetarian Food :- Non veg food items should be avoided during summers especially Fish, Prawns and Red meat as they can produce heat in your body.
  • Chapatti :- As this the most common food item one have in their meals but it is not easy digestible and creates heat too, one should avoid it in the lunch meal and have rice instead.
  • Roasted and Fried Food :- Tandoori items and fried food items can create indigestion during summers, avoid them for a better health.
  • Mangoes :- The favorite summer food Mangoes are not at all good for your stomach and skin, excess of it produces heat in your body and can cause heat pimples and constipation too.
  • Tea/Coffee :- these two beverages should not be in your list as they are the main factor in indigestion and stomach issues. one should limit the consumption.
  • Cold Drinks and Ice-Cream :- Instead of relieving you and proving chilling sensations they make your stomach feel hotter and weak at the same time.

Food items to include in Summer Diet

A healthy diet is very much important to maintain a healthy digestive system and glowing skin in summers. Below is the list of the food items which one should include in their diet to stay healthy-:

  • Green salad
  • Juicy fruits excluding the ones with more pulp.
  • Green veggies
  • Fresh juices especially water melon
  • Lemon
  • Water consumption

How to protect your skin in Summers?

Summers are bad for the skin if not taken care of, these are the must use things one should do for skincare! These are the steps which should be followed when caring for the skin-:

  • Apply Sunscreens :- Not all sunscreens are good for your skin, you need to check the best suited for your skin. SPF means Sun Protection Factor and you need to see if it’s suiting your skin.
  • Avoid outing between 10am to 3pm :- These are the peak hours when sun is at it’s maximum radiation. Avoid going out.
  • Refresh your skin :- Do not forget to refresh your skin once you reach back home, use mud pack, Aloe-Vera, cucumber, potato slice or tomato on your skin.
  • Wash :- Wash your skin time to time and help it in getting a relaxation session.
  • Minimize Makeup :- Regular usage of cosmetics on to the skin can damage it to a greater extent, try avoiding the beauty products.
  • Relax your Skin :- Apart from everything your skin too needs break to look fabulous. Apply a light moisturizer at the time of sleeping to rejuvenate your skin.
  • Rinse after Swimming :- Rinse your skin after swimming as carrying chlorine particles all day will lead to skin damage.
  • Drink Plenty of Water :- Drinking water is the most important activity which should never be missed!  8 glasses fluid a day will help in keeping your skin healthy and fresh!

A proper care can help preventing numerous diseases and skin problems. Stay fresh and healthy this summer!

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