Heycare : The Rising Player in Indian Healthcare Industry

From getting up in the morning till we relax our backs on the bed, schedule tightens it’s grip and we get struck into our daily dose of work! Managing everything seems a task for every individual, but what will be the scenario if health gets disturbed?

As the healthcare industry in India is worth US$ 100 billion and is expected to reach a number of US$ 280 billion by 2020 with an increasing rate of 22.9% CAGR. The numbers indicates towards the development taking race!

Heycare : The Rising Player in Indian Healthcare Industry

In the era of technology running through nerves is there a remedy for healthcare too? The answer would be a definite yes! Health can be managed at one’s fingertips with the emerging use of Healthcare mobile apps in India. Let’s check out the areas where we need a regular maintenance in terms of health.

1. Buying Medicines Online

It’s never easy to manage regular tasks and also your mom’s medicines, isn’t it? But health is something which should not suffer in any case, there is a solution to ease down a little. You can download Heycare app and say goodbye to the long ques at the pharmacy.

The healthcare mobile apps in India have provided convenience to the regular medicine buyers who had to run to the local pharmacy and stand in ques to take the meds. It’s easy and hassle free, buy medicines online relaxing on your comfortable sofa!

2. Pill Reminder

The matter does not end here, the medicines are delivered but what about taking them at the correct time? It’s a human mind one can forget his pills but what if he is a blood pressure patience and one dose skip results in a medical emergency? Quite scary!

Relax technology has a solution for this too, pill reminder apps are available which can help you reminding your meds, simply download an app and set pill reminders according to the specified timings. All done!

3. Vaccination Reminder

We are grown-ups and yes we can take care of ourselves but what about the babies who have just arrived and have no sense to look after themselves. Yes, obviously the parents do the needful but the situation can prove crucial if they forget even one vaccination.

Not to worry as the vaccination reminder apps are an all in one solution to take the best care of your child! Download a vaccination reminder app and sit back relaxing as it will inform you which vaccinations are to be given to the baby.

But it would be a task again to download three different applications and then keep on tracking each, okay justified! Here is a way out to handle all your medical worries with just a single app!

Introducing Heycare — your complete Healthcare, relax and enjoy every moment of life as Heycare will take on your worries. Enjoy all three features in one app and even save up to 40% on your total medicine bill.

Say a goodbye to all your medical tensions with Heycare app!

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